4 hours individual training session sample 6

A 4-hours session (high intensity)

An example of an advanced daily training session of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (4 hours, individual, including some special / specific tools and exercises):

Final notes


  • This training involves extremely dangerous practices and should be performed by expert practitioners only (and only if we are in a good physical shape)
  • Let’s do not forget that we can replace some of the involved training tools with hand made or low-cost versions (let’s use creativity and inventiveness, read for example A Wing Chun wooden dummy like in PVC)

Remember this is not a training for a novice, nor an advanced it is dangerous and it requires an extremely high effort (read also Intensity of training: depends on what?).

Even this time we’ve included some specific tools (the mannequin, the poles, etc.) and some more particular exercises (pressure points, etc.), not worry, we will see everything with specific articles.

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