Lesson 1 – What is 6 Dragons Kung Fu?

Be master of yourself through preparation, discipline and concentration

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu (shortened 6DKF) is at the same time:

A note by Master Kongling – What we are about to explain is a project of life, peace and in-depth study of the physical / mental applications of the human being.

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s method

Our primary objectives

Starting from the most ancient tradition, 6 Dragons Kung Fu aims at excellence through a completely new method (read The difference between 6DKF and other martial arts).

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu aims to forge real warriors (read The fighter and the warrior) and to do this it focuses on:

  • The improvement of the practitioner’s specific psychophysical skills (each of us has qualities to exalt and defects to correct)
  • The interiorization of techniques and tactics (from the simplest to the most complex)
  • The creation of a personal combat method (that suits perfectly our body and mental structure, read A 6DKF for each one).
  • The ability to manage real self-defense scenarios (prevent critical situations and to adapt the theory to practical / stressful contexts)
  • The acquisition of physical / mental awareness and self-control (through meditation, conscious management of bodily functions, etc.)
  • The acquisition of mind-related capabilities (related to senses / mind deception, negotiation, invisibility, etc.)
  • The gradual elimination of psychophysical weakness (fear, insecurity, irrationality, mental fatigue, etc.)
  • The construction of a strong personality (peaceful, helpful, positive and rational)
  • The gradual development of real martial skills (some of which need years to be acquired)

How 6 Dragons Kung Fu aim to reach its ambitious goals

Our method is based on:

What 6 Dragons Kung Fu is not

In conclusion it is important to stress that our school:

  • Has solid scientific foundations – Supported by real applicability (it does not teach esotericism, fantasies, superstitions, paranormal, mischief, etc.)
  • Is more martial than art – Despite the potential aesthetics of certain techniques (read for example Dragon Motion: the swirling movements), it does not teach choreographic movements, nor acrobatics / juggling (as an end in itself)
  • Has not a limited vision – Starting from the concept of Kung Fu (“hard work”), our style includes the most effective parts of many other martial arts and at the same time, exalts the natural instinct of the practitioner

A note by Master Kongling – The martial arts that do not evolve are inevitably destined to be overcome. On one side, we have to respectfully learn the right lessons from the past but on the other, we must understand that in thousands of years a lot of things have changed. Kung Fu has stopped to evolve only in the past centuries (with the advent of firearms). Many people are susceptible to this topic but from the combat point of view: whoever talks about traditional styles and tries to transmit the teachings of the past unchanged does an excellent historiographical job but completely detached from what is the very idea of martial art. Let’s try to do not delude ourselves: today’s martial arts experts know almost all the “secrets” of the ancient ones and have started their paths from there.

In-depth articles

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Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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