Learn Kung Fu online: a beginner-to-expert course

A home study Kung Fu course from white to black belt

A note by Master Kongling – I have created the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course (see the training plans, starting from the Practitioner level) to make my personal dream come true: give help to those who want to profoundly learn martial arts but cannot access to the right path.

What the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course is

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course is the first online course entirely designed for home study learning (this is not an adaptation or a second choice).

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course offers a guided step-by-step path, where each student is followed by a personal coach throughout the duration of his entire martial evolution.

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course is a practical learning laboratory, where you receive the same contents of our live students (notions, exercises, small tips / secrets, techniques, etc.) and where you can ask for help directly from your personal instructor.

This is not a DVD Kung Fu course, the interaction (to remove doubts, solve problems and go deepen) is strongly stimulated:

  • You can ask questions
  • You can send your videos
  • You receive feedback

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course is a real laboratory where you can learn how to build real martial skills.

Our teaching method

This is our method:

  1. Concentrate the theory and the practice in short, simple and practical explanations (divided into lessons)
  2. Share, within each lesson, specific and thematic training sessions; simple exercises designed and ordered to gradually gain real skills
  3. Offer the possibility to interact and send videos to receive feedback, suggestions, customizations, etc.
  4. Give the opportunity to test the acquired skills through periodic belt exams (this is optional, read Kung Fu exams: online graduation)

Who is it for?

I designed the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course for those who want to practice non-amateur, not 1 hour per week but for those special people who search for a gradual but serious martial path.

I have created this route especially for:

  • Those who have a strong passion, interest or martial aptitude and would like to put it to fruition
  • Those who believe that real skills are made of daily preparation, concentration and discipline

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course can also be of help to those who already practice but are looking for a more comprehensive, transparent and / or effective way of dealing with issues related to martial arts (serious training, self-defense, skill development, personal growth, etc.).

What do I find in the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course?

The higher is the training plan that you choose, the more you receive but basically (starting from the Practitioner level):

  • Weekly Premium Lessons – You receive the weekly Premium Lessons (higher plan, more lessons)
  • Training sessions – You receive the training sessions (exercises, stretching, warm-up, recovering, etc.) to execute
  • Theory and practice – You receive the explanations reserved only for the members of the course (combat techniques, tips, etc.)
  • Corrections – You can send videos of your practice to correct errors, work on details, receive personalized tips and improve
  • Private group – You gain access to the private training group on Facebook
  • A mention of thanks – You receive a mention of thanks on our website and fan page (optional if you want to remain anonymous)
  • Priority access – You gain access to a lot of contents various days before the others (previews of articles, videos, exclusives, etc.)
  • Special advantages – You receive big discounts and special offers to access our other courses (higher plan, higher discounts)

A note by Master Kongling – Last but not least, you help us to continue our work of sharing that, otherwise, would be impossible. Remember: even if you pay us, Kung Fu cannot be sold or bought, the only currency that it can accept is sweat. What you give us is simply a way to help our school to exist (nothing more, nothing less).

If you’re wondering…

Do I need basic technical / physical preparation?

No, at the start of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course there is no need for specific knowledge or training preparation to participate.

It is not necessary to know other martial arts or to be an athlete: we start gradually, from scratch, with practices that can be easily adapted to your characteristics (age, sex, physical shape, etc.).

Important – Before starting, however, it is important to ask your doctor for a positive opinion.

Am I too young / old?

No, Kung Fu and especially this course are made to be practiced at any age, regulating the effort and the type of practice in relation to your psychophysical state and rate of progression (read The right age to start practice).

A note by Master Kongling – In addition to this, it must be stressed that a correct practice of Kung Fu increases our physical abilities and can solve various problems; if you will strictly follow our teachings, you will experiment with a level of mental and physical wellness far from everything you have ever felt before.

Again: before starting, you have to ask your doctor for an opinion (and if you are a minor, also to your parents).

Is it for beginners or experts?

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course is for anyone who wants to become every day better than himself (this is the secret for an uninterrupted improvement).

We start from scratch but right away we open new roads, even for the most expert.

Although our explanations aim to be as simple, gradual and clear as possible, much of our knowledge comes from very narrow circles and others refer only to our school.

This course is our treasure.

Is it also for those who already practice other martial arts?

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course is both for the total beginner both for those who already have a wide martial culture and want to expand / improve it.

If you have already practiced martial arts, this is an incredible occasion to strengthen the fundamentals, discover new concepts / principles and/or gain new skills.

Is it useful also for those who want to become 6 Dragons Kung Fu instructors?

It is the only way. The materials are the same as the live practitioners (they have too to study and practice daily at their homes, the same contents that you will find in the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course).

This is what we mean by saying that this path is absolutely not a “second choice” or an “adaptation”.

How soon do I will start to gain the first martial skills?

It depends on your commitment, the availability of time you intend to grant to your training and the goals that you choose.

Those who follow all the steps I suggest in the course (and actively train with consistency), in a few months, will start to see the first real changes.

The secret is that within any martial path (and especially in ours), what truly makes the difference is the idea of doing each time better than the last one:

  • If a practitioner does not lose the focus on the present of what he is doing, he will improve in the most rapid way
  • Otherwise, if he practices thinking about other things, he could train an entire life remaining at the same level (or worst)

However, haste is a bad counselor, real martial skills are made of hard work, not of tricks replicable by anyone in a few time (that kind of knowledge is useless).

How long is the course?

This is the only course that we offer, potentially, as “permanent”. There are a lot of practitioners that do not want to stop the training nor to learn (me first) and it is for this reason that even after the black belt program, you can continue the path.

The lessons are published week after week and new contents are added each time. A student can stay in the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course until the reaching of the black belt or for life (or potentially for a few months only, you can start and stop whenever you want).

When does the course starts and/or ends?

There are:

  • No starting dates (you start whenever you want)
  • No minimum times of participation (even 1 month, 1 year if you want)
  • No ending dates for the courses (potentially)

You are always free to decide to stop or continue to attend the lessons. The 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course renews itself and continuously extends its learning materials.

There are also no fees to pay to unsubscribe.

How many students can you accept?

This is the biggest problem, having limited resources and given the care with which we want to follow our students, the number (as you may imagine) is limited and once reached we will forcefully block access to new members (probably you will not see this page).

What if I cannot make videos?

You can always count on our support through questions and answers but the videos are and remain an important tool (a smartphone is more than enough to record).

Remember: without your consent, we will not publish in any way what you send us. Imagine being followed as live but with the time to rationalize and review everything you learn (it is not about looking beautiful, perfect or anything similar).

What kind of computer do I need?

A recent PC or Mac is ideal but even a tablet or a smartphone is perfect. To see all the contents correctly, you obviously need an internet connection.


What do the martial arts experts who followed the 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s lessons say?

Cristian Albertini (Karate black belt)

What do you think about 6 Dragons Kung Fu? What differences of approach have you found compared to other martial arts?

6 Dragons Kung Fu addresses 360° the needs of the practitioner, from the striking techniques to trapping, from breakfalls to joint levers, even meditation (for me a novelty).

Describe the thing that struck you, interested or liked you more in 6DKF:

Definitely the completeness of the topics. The techniques with weapons are also dealt with, which I really liked. One particular thing that struck me was the space dedicated to meditation.

Read the complete review 6 Dragons Kung Fu review (by Cristian Albertini).

Donato Cariello (Krav Maga instructor, Jiu-Jitsu and BJJ practitioner, Karate black belt and instructor)

Are the basic concepts and the things you learned in this course easily available elsewhere?

Absolutely not, you should have an important cultural background of at least 1-2 martial arts.

3 benefits that this course can bring to a practitioner:

Speed, power, spatial intelligence.

The explanations of Master Kongling are clear / practical / usable / contextualized or smoky / inconclusive?

Clear, practical and contextualized.

Read the complete review 6 Dragons Kung Fu review (by Donato Cariello).

Luca Agostin i (Mei Hua Chuan Kung Fu black belt, Karate and Jiu-Jitsu practitioner)

In a nutshell, what did you feel impressed by Master Kongling?

His passion and the disciplined lifestyle that he follows.

Are all the most important aspects treated or are there things that are left out?

Yes, the study includes all the aspects from mind-body conditioning to practical self-defense techniques.

Describe the thing that struck you, interested or liked you more in 6DKF:

The occasion to vent my energies and enhance any abilities possessed.

The complete review will be published soon.

Claudia Marzi (Karate and Ninjutsu practitioner)

In a nutshell, what did you feel impressed by Master Kongling?

Simplicity… everything can become an exercise route. The discipline is not closed in rigid schemes.

What do you think about 6 Dragons Kung Fu? What differences of approach have you found compared to other martial arts?

It is not caged in a vision, in the sense that it embraces more styles, thoughts and techniques trying to show a global, impartial conception of martial arts.

3 benefits that this course can bring to a practitioner:

Speed and spatial intelligence no doubt. Even others in reality, but it obviously depends on the training time.

The complete review will be published soon.

Who is Master Kongling?


Master Kongling is the founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu and even if he does not live in a temple, his life is very similar to the one of an ancient Shaolin monk. His day is totally dedicated to martial arts, his time is divided in:

  • Training and mediation (4-7 hours each day currently)
  • Study and experimentation (techniques, conditioning, tactics, etc.)
  • Sharing and teaching (live and online)

Despite having practiced since childhood, the real martial change occurred in adulthood: at some point in his life (despite a lucrative and satisfying entrepreneurial online communication career) he decided to leave everything to completely devote himself to Kung Fu.

Notwithstanding everything, Master Kongling considers himself a practitioner very far from the level of real expression of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu and is looking for extraordinary people able to bring it to its maximum development and expression.

Read also About Master Kongling.

A web experience born casually

Master Kongling works on online communication since 1999 and the 6DRAGONSKUNGFU.COM website was born in 2014-2015, simply as a diary where writing down thoughts, progress and share visions about the martial arts:

  • For an entire year, no one visited the website
  • The next year the visits started to grow exponentially
  • The interest towards 6 Dragons Kung Fu was unexpectedly big
  • This prompted him to write in English, expand the team and work more systematically
  • From then on, the first students arrived (true martial arts fanatics, some of whom, have become instructors today)

A change of perspective

Initially, not even Master Kongling was convinced it was possible to effectively transmit martial arts at a distance but over the years, the teaching system has been perfected again and again:

  • Eliminating what does not work
  • Focusing on what works

The result was better than every possible expectation: a totally functional learning method and martial skills-oriented (beyond all, this is the real merit of Master Kongling.

Read also Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?.

A daily work of sharing

On 6DRAGONSKUNGFU.COM, Master Kongling has published hundreds and hundreds of free articles, courses, tutorials (etc.) and thanks to them, he has climbed the top of search engines for a lot of extremely competitive topics related to martial arts; this is the best / solid testimony of:

  • The level of his dedication
  • The quality of his methods

These results have brought Master Kongling to design this home study course, from white to black belt, explicitly dedicated to those who want to:

  • Deeply learn 6 Dragons Kung Fu
  • Attain real martial skills

Is it the right course for you?

The point is that if you like what you can read for free on our pages, think that the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course is 10 times more:

  • Systematic
  • Synthetic
  • Gradual
  • Straightforward
  • Contextualized
  • Practical
  • Effective
  • Clear

This is the first permanent course of 6 Dragons Kung Fu and it has already received considerable success among experts in the sector and not.

How much is the Core Course worth?

This course has some peculiar features that make it like no other on the web. Let’s analyze the advantages even of the most basic plan (the Practioner’s one):

  1. Step-by-step lessons – You receive a course with a didactical plan characterized by synthetic theory and designed to reach specific incremental goals (how much is it worth? 50€ per month)
  2. Training plan – Connected to each theoretical lesson, you receive a practical training plan made of contextual exercises (how much is it worth? 40€ per month)
  3. You are followed by a personal instructor – You can ask for your doubts and show your progress to an expert who gives you specific feedbacks and precise indications on how to attain the best results (how much is it worth? 140€ per month)
  4. Premium Contents – With the Core Course, you gain privileged access (exclusive and/or priority) to dozens of articles to learn from (how much is it worth? If we calculate 2€ for each article, with an average update every 2 days, it would be 30€ per month)
  5. Updates and constant access – The course continues to improve / evolve and the old lessons, until you are subscribed, are at your disposal (how much is it worth? If we calculate 1€ for each update, with an average update every 4 days, it would be 7€ per month)
  6. Quality of knowledge – 6 Dragons Kung Fu has a specific set of principles, methods and techniques, designed for today’s world and not accessible anywhere else but it sinks on roots of ancient methods that are coming from various excellent sources that do not limit on Kung Fu and extend to very close circles (how much is it worth? It is very hard to say but considering that some of the notions we teach have cost Master Kongling seminars of 1000€, it is something that ranges between a total expenditure of 25000-50000€ but to do not exaggerate let’s imagine something like 170€ per month)
  7. Discounts – You receive a discount code to buy our other courses (how much is it worth? A minimum of 18€ per month to a maximum of 125€ per month)

Make the accounts of the total (calculating that the benefits are not limited to this and that this is only the cheapest plan).

A few questions to decide

  • If you study in a normal gym, would you be followed as in the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course? By who?
  • Would you spend the same amount?
  • Would you have the same freedom of organization (times, etc.)?
  • Would you progress in relation to your real abilities or to the ones of 5-10 amateurs-level partners (that come only to pass the time)?
  • How long does an instructor take to carry out a group of students that continues to expand and restrain? Beyond the belt, when will you reach true martial skills?
  • How many martial arts courses close after 6 months or move to a place that is inaccessible to you in terms of travel and time?
  • How many instructors do you know that are able to do not to turn the lesson into a self-exhibition and / or humiliate their students?
  • How many instructors do you know that have the goal to make you better than them? How many of them have an open mind in relation to the other martial arts?

A note by Master Kongling – Let’s be clear, not all the situations are so bad but if you have tried to follow the classical Mc Dojo gym courses, you know what I am talking about and you have surely already faced some (if not all) of these (serious) limitations.


How can you pay?

Patreon accepts PayPal payments and also credit or debit cards (eg. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, etc.). If you have difficulties send an e-mail at [email protected].

If I am not satisfied with the course what happens?

If you are not satisfied after registering, you can cancel your subscription at any time by going on your Patreon account and interrupting your training plan. From that moment on you will no longer be charged for the next month (but for more precise information, visit Patreon, it is a solid and serious platform but in relation to it, we are users like you).

What are the plans below the Practitioner level for?

They do not include the Core Course we are talking about, they are only made to give an occasion to make a small donation to help our school to grow (to say thanks for what we daily do for free).

How to sign up for the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Core Course

How to apply? What should I do to take the course?

It is very simple:

  1. Go to our Patreon page
  2. Choose a training plan (starting from the Practitioner level)
  3. Click on the subscribe button and follow the instructions
  4. Done!

Within 48 hours you will be contacted by us with the preliminary information and the first lesson!

Important – Wait for our e-mail, we have to activate your course and benefits manually (the lessons are sent by e-mail, they are not on the website).

A short summary of the basic benefits you are about to receive:

  • Weekly Premium Lessons
  • Training sessions
  • Theory and practice
  • Corrections
  • Private group
  • A mention of thanks
  • Priority access
  • Much more

Take a look at our Patreon page for a more detailed list.

Important: again, there is a limit to the number of students we can follow at the same time, the places are not endless.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

How to master 6 Dragons Kung Fu?

Are you searching for:

  • Daily training exercises?
  • Synthetic theory and concepts?
  • A step by step path from white to black belt?
  • A path (clear, consequential and gradual) designed to build real martial skills?
  • A direct contact with Master Kongling?

Go to our Patreon page and choose a training plan: starting from the Practitioner level, you will gain access to all this and much more.

Inside each Premium Lesson, you will receive the same teaching (practices, tips, concepts, small secrets and corrections) reserved to the live students of Master Kongling.

Important - Once a certain number of registrations are reached, no other participants can be accepted. For more information write to: [email protected].

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