Exercise 2 for the abs to develop the muscle chain

After taking into account the first type of abdominal development of the muscle chain, we move to the second exercise:

  • Let’s put our body on the ground with the belly side up
  • Let’s relax and widen our legs, the knees are flexed
  • Let’s put our hands behind our neck, taking it
  • Let’s relax the neck muscles
  • Let’s raise and lower our upper body with the abs muscles
  • During the movement, the lower part of the back must not rise from the ground
  • We must not use the muscles of the neck, the head is supported by our hands/arms
  • While the head goes the ground we have to inhale with the nose
  • At the same time we have to contract the buttocks to the maximum lifting
  • While the head goes up we gradually have to exhale and relax our buttocks
  • The motion is cyclical, like a swing
  • The legs must accompany the general movement of the body bending
  • The feets does not move from their position instead
  • The body swings up and down (the buttocks go up while the head goes down and vice versa)

This type of abdominal workout is mandatory for 6DKF’s practitioners. The goal is to synchronize at the most: breath, abdominal strain and contraction of the buttocks.

This is a very delicate exercise which are also fine for those who are beginners. To increase the effort of those who have already more training behind them, we can place a stable weight on the abdomen (from 5kg to 50kg).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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