Advanced training: gradually learn to fight in the dark

Our goal is not so much to learn to fight in the dark but to learn to listen to the other senses:

  • Spatial intelligence (create a mental map of the environment)
  • Touch (lightning react to a contact and understand the direction / intensity of air’s movements)
  • Hearing (to listen, to separate, to give meaning and direction to the smallest sounds / noises)
  • Smell, the most difficult to develop (especially in a fight situation, every thing / people / weapon emits an odor, we must learn to distinguish its cause and origin)

To train each sense individually and then in combination will get an amazing result in performance combative. Here are some exercises related to the 4-way cited:

  • Spatial intelligence, in a room that we well know, let’s train as we usually do but in dim light, illuminate the environment gradually with less and less candles
  • Tact, we stand in front of a moving target of average size to push it in all directions gradually faster but always touching / controlling him
  • Hearing, hang, in a darkened room, moving targets in a way that when they are moving they emit noise constant (eg. touching chains, pendants, etc.), let’s try to hit them
  • Smell, let’s spray on multiple moving targets quantittativi (increasingly scarce) of different scents and let’s select to hit only one of them

These exercises bring results only after a lot training, we talk about 50 sessions staggered over a year (never choose to train just in the dark or injure the quality of performance of our view).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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