Exercise 1 for the abs to develop the muscle chain

The best way to develop the muscle chain is starting to make our muscles work in groups (first in small groups and so on until we reach the whole body).

A concrete and ambivalent way to educate our body to the calibrated sequential movement is to perform exercises that have identifiable objectives, in this case the abs workout.

The exercise:

  • Let’s put our body on the ground with the belly side up
  • Let’s raise the legs up to form a right angle with the body
  • Let’s bend our knees down to form a right angle with our legs
  • Let’s raise the arms to form a right angle with the body
  • Let’s bend the forearms down to form a right angle with our arms
  • The legs, open or closed, are not rigid
  • The hands are open and joint
  • The head is resting on the ground
  • The body is relaxed as much as we can
  • In one motion, we vibrate the legs and arms down
  • The vibration must have a curvilinear path
  • The vibration must be neither too broad nor too slow
  • We can also touch the ground with his feet and hands

The idea is to synchronize the movement of the upper body with the lower one, concentrating the pressure, the strength, the energy on our center of gravity, as if we want to hit with the lower part of our back.

The description is more complex than the realization, however, if we are performing the exercise correctly we should work with the lower part of our abdomen (about at the height of our center of gravity).

This type of abdominal workout is mandatory and it is great for beginners because it does not strain our back and allows several repetitions. As the body gets used to this type of training we can (safely) position increasingly heavy weights on our arms/legs.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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