Real masters

How do we choose Real Masters?

We have created this collection of martial arts masters with the idea of sharing names that:

  • Are points of reference – In each martial art, we try to find the most important / recognized / interesting teachers and after having analyzed their work we choose whether to add them or not
  • Are easy to find – They can be easily found online and / or offline; this is not a list of the best possible masters, it’s a selection of the ones that are easy to learn from (it’s for this reason that we do not add disappeared persons)
  • We do not necessarily embrace 100% – As is natural, some of these masters do, exaggerate, promote or say things that we do not share but this does not stop us from learning something from them

A note by Master Kongling – 6 Dragons Kung Fu encourages multiple experiences. It is up to the wise practitioner to discern between what is lawful, effective, real and what is not.