Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?

The answer can not be universal, there are cases where it is possible and cases where it is not. In general terms, the necessary and sufficient conditions to learn a martial art are as follows:

  • 1) Discipline, daily practice
  • 2) Preparation, serious, intelligent and thorough study of the theory
  • 3) Concentration, intense practice to maximize the increase of performance
  • 4) An always available adequate space for the workout
  • 5) Materials / tools / training equipment
  • 6) Common sense to operate safely and within our psychophysical limits
  • 7) At least one partner with which to interact (without which, in most cases, we lose the concept of martial art)
  • 8) Clear and complete learning lessons (printed, illustrated, video, with presence, etc.)
  • 9) At least a “periodic” supervision of an expert (for corrections, questions, insights, tips, etc.)

These are the minimum requirements toobtain a quality martial training. In our specific case:

  • From 1 through 3, provide is the prerogative of the practitioner (discipline, preparation and concentration need to born and grow within us)
  • Point 4 is not impossible, most of 6DKF’s exercises can be performed in a few square meters (the thing that requires the most is the speedball hanging on the elastic rope)
  • Point 5 has already been treated, the basic equipment we need is really cheap (considering that we also include the learning of weapons)
  • Point 6 depends on the practitioner, let’s hold close to us a first aid kit, let’s make sure that it is always possible to be rescued promptly in case of need, let’s follow the rule of 2 errors (which we have already spoken), let’s listen to the signals of our body and especially let’s proceed with patiently / gradualness
  • Point 7 is very important, even though the majority of the 6DKF’s exercises can (and must) be performed individually,to have at least a training partner is essential to measure the effectiveness of what we learn
  • Point 8, it is up to our head quarters to provide, the only important thing is not to go through instructors who impoverished the 6DKF replacing its method of training (which is an integral part of our technical department)
  • Point 9, it is possible to send to “[email protected]” questions, requests and practical video (on Youtube in the “not listed” mode, so they can only be seen by who has the link)

To answer the original question, yes, it is possible to learn 6DKF even at a distance. The partners shortages can be filled by generic martial arts courses as long as:

  • The instructor is not too traditionalist and has an open mind
  • Training is not too delicate (we need to be prepared to real fights, without rules)

Needless to say, in groups or alone, with or without an instructor, to absorb a martial art and to make it really our we need to give our best, do not leave any detail to chance and use all our resources.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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