Kung Fu exams: online graduation

Why do the exams?

A note by Master Kongling – I have never loved exams, evaluations, etc. but over time I have understood that they are a moment of systematization of knowledge and skills.

The exams for graduation are special moments:

  • Of study and deepening
  • Of inner growth
  • Of optimization of the technique and attention to detail
  • To put ourselves to a personal test
  • To systematize knowledge and fill our gaps
  • Useful to understand our level of preparation
  • That can be seen as the culmination of our commitment

At the same time the exams are not:

  • A testimony of one’s power
  • A moment to show off
  • A point of arrival
  • An opportunity to prove ourselves to be better than others
  • The acquiring of a title
  • A way to be feared by the others

A note by Master Kongling – Being a black belt does not mean stupid things like “I have reached the top of the pyramid”, “I have nothing more to learn”, “I am invincible” (etc.): this is ridiculous. A black belt means being at the basic level to represent the school, nothing more, nothing less. It is the moment when the true martial path starts (read When a belt becomes a blindfold). If you think that the belt and / or the diploma represents the end or the goal of a martial journey, I suggest you carefully think about the type of practitioner you intend to become (read Why martial arts do not work: 5 reasons). A belt is only a belt (you can buy it for a few bucks everywhere): it is the symbol that it represents that you cannot buy (a lifelong daily discipline, preparation, concentration).

6 Dragons Kung Fu’s exams

After this necessary premise, in 6 Dragons Kung Fu we have online exams: let’s see how they work.

Technical part:

  • Transmission – They can be live (through video call, better) or through a unique remote video (without interruptions and privately uploaded)
  • Duration – The exam has a duration of 30-60 minutes (depending on the situation)
  • Device and connection – A good webcam / camera and a good connection are mandatory (the exam will be recorded)
  • Video settings – The shot must fully include the body and the movements to be made, the resolution must be good (eg. enough to see even what fingers are doing)
  • Languages – The exam can be in italian, english or french language
  • Minors – For minors, the authorization of an adult is required (write at [email protected])

How it works:

  • Equipment – Before the exam begins the practitioner must wear the correct uniform and have all the necessary exam-involved equipment with him / her (read The basic equipment for training in 6DKF)
  • Prepare the body – The practitioner must correctly warm-up and stretch before the exam begins (read Basic soft stretching and Basic warm-up)
  • Theory and practice – In the core part of the exam, there is a theoretical part and a practical one
  • The theoretical part – In the theoretical part, the practitioner is questioned about notions, understanding, etc.
  • The practical part – In the practical part, the practitioner is asked to perform exercises, techniques, etc.
  • A partner – For the technical part, the practitioner must have at least one partner (depending on which must be showed)

Evaluation method:

  • Rating – At each question / practical test of the exam, corresponds a rating from 0 to 100
  • The final result – The average grade of each stage gives the final grade
  • How to pass the exam – If the grade is greater than or equal to 60, the exam can be considered passed
  • Martiality – A special vote is also given to the level of martiality (composure, seriousness, precision, concentration, etc.)
  • Quality level request – The severity of the assessment is proportional to the level for which the student wishes to present yourself (the higher it is the fewer errors are accepted)
  • Claims or demerits – Each request by the examiner may result in claims or demerits, which define the vote of each phase
  • The communication of the final result – The result of the examination will be announced the month following its finalization

What is released:

  • The belt – A belt (in relation to the level, charged to the applicant)
  • The diploma – A printable paper diploma (authenticated by the school and the master)
  • An official recognition – The inclusion in the list of graduates (as evidence of the truthfulness of the degree achieved)

How to ask for the exam:

  • Contact us – It is necessary to apply to the school by e-mail ([email protected])
  • Materials of study – It is necessary to possess the study material (video courses, etc.)
  • Equipment – It is necessary to possess the involved equipment (uniform, eventual weapons, etc.)
  • Program of the exam – When the school agrees, the exam program is communicated (and all the other details)
  • Cost – The cost of the exam is 75 €, if not passed it can be repeated (at a reduced price) after 2 months

Important: the program for the exam is not a course, it is only the list of topics to be prepared on.

Final notes

A few details:

  • We do not impose temporal distance limits between one exam and another (if a practitioner has all the requirements we will certainly not slow down his growth for commercial or formal reasons
  • It is the student’s responsibility to divide time and preparation (normally, if we have not practiced for many years, it is almost impossible to pass more exams in a short period of time)
  • Each exam is very serious and is evaluated in a very restrictive way; please, do not take part if you are not more than prepared
  • It may be reasonable to send a short demonstration video in advance (we will tell you if you are or not ready)
  • If you have more questions, ask in the comments or write at [email protected]

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Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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