The use of Qi in the 6DKF’s meaning

In 6 Dragons Kung Fu Qi has nothing supernatural. Before we begin we truly want to stress that:

  • Our vision is far from religion / superstition / paranormal
  • All of what we explain has been (at least) tested firsthand (obviously except for killing techniques)
  • What is still in the theory / experimentation process is not explained to our students (until we cannot use / replicate it naturally)
  • We always start from the probable point of view rejecting any kind of certainty
  • We do not want to go to overlap with other Ki / Qi concepts (chinese, japanese, korean, etc.)

That said 6DKF’s Qi can be defined as a figurative representation of the connection of a set of bodily skills that we are going to develop within our martial path. This kind of “energy” has several “manifestations” and very practical uses, here are the main ones:

  • For the general wellness
  • To ease pain and stimulate the body
  • To manage the states of heat and cold
  • For the analysis of internal organs and general body health
  • For the advanced management of the body
  • For meditation / concentration / abstraction
  • For the combat
  • For sexuality and pleasure
  • For the control of our emotional states

Gradually we will explore each of these uses, from the simplest (eg. wellness) to the more complex (eg. in a fight). As everyone can understand these attitudes are not easily and / or quickly obtainable: for some of them may not be enough our whole life.

Before applying the Qi to something, however we need to understand what it is and begin to physically feel it. Let’s see some common expressions of Qi that we live in the every day life but on which we have no control (and especially to which we are so used to do not see their exceptional nature):

  • The temperature variations of our body (both emotional reaction both by the climate)
  • The tension or relaxation of the compositional elements of our body
  • The management of fluids (sweat, salivation, etc.)
  • The shiver of pleasure, of cold, of fear (etc.)
  • The transition of force from one muscle to the others
  • The sexual orgasm and / or the spread of pain between nerves
  • The acceleration / slow of the heartbeat
  • The feelings of tension or relaxation of our head
  • Our degree of concentration due to brain electrical activity
  • The release of certain internal substances to our body (adrenaline, etc.)
  • The access (normally locked) to certain bodily resources in particular situations

There is nothing mysterious, all these exchanges of energy (heat, mechanical force, electricity, etc.):

  • Are common to all human beings
  • Have all a scientific explanation
  • We can control them consciously
  • We can combine them with each other
  • Together we can call them “manifestations of Qi”

Now that we know what is Qi, let’s see its power sources:

  • Oxygen and its correct distribution
  • Calories and all the nutritional elements that we assume (water included, read Qi and proper nutrition)
  • The level of control we have on our body and our mind

The more we train in recognizing the spontaneous manifestations of Qi, the more we get closer to its voluntary use. In the next article we will see how to collect useful and replicable traces of Qi in our daily lives.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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