Basic tools: the cloth

The last basic tool of 6 Dragons Kung Fu is the fabric cloth (it can be a rag, a T-Shirt, a pair of pants, etc.).

The fabric cloth is used as a training tool for:

  • Increase the body reflexes
  • Increase spatial intelligence
  • Measure the strength without excess
  • Raising the tactic of the body
  • Develop the spring force
  • Learn how to change form from solid to liquid
  • Learn how to reach goals at the distance limit that we can cover
  • Learn to deflect, block and strike effectively

The method of use is very simple:

  • The goal is to hit a cloth while it is in the air
  • Let’s take an old T-Shirt (below, we can vary the type, shape, weight and extent of the fabric)
  • We can hit as we want (kicks, elbows, fists, shoulders, knees, etc.) but we must never grab the fabric
  • More we can keep in the air the cloth more is better but do not forget that the primary goal is to hit effectively
  • This is not a gaming exercise but it is focused on combat, we must imagine we are facing an opponent
  • We must try to rotate the fabric in the air but do not hold it or wrap around our limbs

What we must not do:

  • We must not favor us in any way, we should rather try to put us in the most difficult situation
  • We must not stand still, let’s move in all directions, let’s run and jump
  • We should not repeat manner and at the point where we hit the fabric
  • We should not trivialize the exercise making it easy, static and / or slow, we must constantly be at the limit of our capabilities
  • We do not need to focus on maintaining the fabric in the air, we have to focus on good quality of the blows, no matter if it falls (each time we bend to pick it up we gain agility)

How to maximize the benefits of this exercise:

  • When the cloth falls to the floor let’s bend our knees al 100%, let’s pick up the cloth quickly and then let’s start again
  • We have to try to hit with circular, precise and harmonious motions
  • We have to strike a balanced number of hits for each part of the body we want to get involved (limbs, hands, feet, etc.)
  • We must strike quickly, free the power and turn back in a favorable position without being “captured” by the fabric
  • We must ensure that the exercise is extremely intense and varied, we have to hit the cloth with the idea of sending it far away from us
  • We have to hit the cloth at all heights with all parts of our body
  • Let’s try to send the cloth behind us to force our spatial intelligence to growth

The exercise can (and must) be performed, as well as with their bare hands, with any type of weapon (with rigid weapons is easier with flexible ones is much more difficult).

The use of fabric cloth is absolutely critical in 6DKF and it is good to devote much time to this type of workout. Gradually, we will realize how much speed and precision we can accumulate.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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