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All our Kung Fu video courses

This is the updated index of all the 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s video courses (divided by topic).

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The video courses index

Most followed

Combat techniques video courses

Combat tactics video courses

  • Advanced combat tactics – How to manage a fight from outside(like a chess match), choose a general strategy and adapt the various tactics (not for beginners)
  • Worst combat errors to avoid – A selection of the worst and most common mistakes to avoid combat (with the relative solutions and corrections)
  • How to use faints in combat – An advanced-level guide to learn to deceive in a natural and instinctive way your opponents (for competitions and self-defense)

Martial weapons video courses

  • Basic 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s weapons – The general development path of the rigid / flexible weapons (also useful for limbs’ muscle memory education and therefore free-hand combat)
  • The basics of the knife – How to use, train, manage the knife (theory and a selection of techniques / exercises)

Self-improvement video courses

Training methods video courses

Self-defense video courses

Advanced skills video courses

Wellness and health video courses

Other video courses

More about 6 Dragons Kung Fu

Info and help

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