Lesson 4 – Getting the most out of your training

The secrets of a profitable training

If you have read all the lessons up to here you have demonstrated a real interest in 6 Dragons Kung Fu and I thank you; in this lesson, I will indicate you the way to train and become a real warrior.

Let’s start with some premises:

  • Martial arts experience is measured in real hours of practice and not in years
  • The time you dedicate to training is precious and should not be wasted; if you really decide to study Kung Fu you have to do it seriously otherwise it will be completely useless (you risk becoming weaker than a non-practitioner)
  • Kung Fu is not a thing that can be learned in a limited time, it is an incessant challenge of improvement

If you agree with these statements, we can continue, in other way I ask you (a second time) to reflect carefully on your choice.

How to achieve the best results that your mind / body can express

To get best results you need:

  • To always give the maximum – Always aim to improve the previous performance (punch after punch, kick after kick, read Achieve maximum performance)
  • To never be satisfied – There is always something to do better / harder / faster / etc.; the more you study, the more you understand how far perfection is
  • To have specific goals – Training is always training but if every day / week / month / year you choose an objective everything will be exponentially more proficient
  • To protect yourself – Avoid anything that harms you physically and emotionally and privileges what makes you a better person and makes your body healthier
  • To never lose concentration – You cannot train effectively if you’re thinking of something else (problems, distractions, etc.), during training your mind must be focused and empty (read Meditation method 1)
  • To “train” even when you are not training – You can always do Kung Fu, everywhere (with the car keys, against a light pole, running instead of walking, etc.); it’s a way of doing things at the highest possible level (read The constant training in everyday life)
  • To never stop – Every day your life will ask you (in the most disparate ways and through endless temptations / constraint) to interrupt or postpone workout, you have to resist (read How to train with perseverance)

Technical tips on daily training

From a more technical / specific point of view, to achieve the highest level of 6 Dragons Kung Fu you have to:

Even if to the observer Kung Fu may appear as an infinite repetition of the same gestures, to the wise practitioner every single execution, every single movement is a moment of learning an opportunity to do a step forward (read How to acquire special abilities).

In the next lesson we will see a little bit more deeply the exercises to perform in this phase of training.

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Author: Master Kongling

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