How to acquire special abilities

Each skill that we do not possess appears to us as special. However, what distinguishes a simple amateur from a real martial artist is being able to express one or more abilities:

  • That cannot be acquired in a short time
  • That usually can not be an innate talent
  • That their mere theoretical knowledge is useless
  • That the fact of having a good physical shape or a reactive mind is not enough
  • Where the use of mind is as important as the use of the body

We’re talking about special abilities:

  • General (concerning spatial intelligence, conditioning, body control, etc.)
  • Specifics (concerning breakings, acrobatic, high precision hitting, etc.)

This type of attitudes are important because, if we learn them in the most practical and concrete way, they can give us overwhelming advantage over our opponents and / or save us from danger.

Both directly and indirectly being able to do more complex things (instead of simple kicks and punches) allows us to manage the most simple situations effortlessly. Mentally and physically to aim for higher goals than those that actually we need is a winning tactic.

Let’s see now what is the path to master this kind of capability in 6DKF:

  • The exercise must be constant and daily (no interruptions)
  • The practice must be focused on the idea of improving (no listless performances)
  • In the correct practice there are no shortcuts, will be graduality and security to speed up our path (avoiding us rest periods due to injury)
  • The practice must be repetitive but with a steady increase in difficulty (we never do the same thing)
  • The practice has to be evaluated each time (we can not improve what we do not measure)
  • To every mistake must follow a question and an answer on how to improve
  • The perfect practice is at the same time humble, aware of our level and enthusiastic
  • we nedd precise objectives but there is not a point of arrival, there is only the idea of improving

Our special skills and generally any kind of ability can be said “acquired” only if:

  • We can make it work even in real situations (no training / exhibition)
  • We succeed in the 99% of cases at the first try of execution
  • Sometimes we are able to practice it to 120-150% from its normal difficulty

The idea is that each special ability must work properly and immediately as the simplest punch. Preparation, discipline, concentration.

In the next article in this series we will see some practical ideas to increase the difficulty of practice every day.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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