Lesson 3 – Insert the workout within your day

Is it possible a serious and constant daily Kung Fu training?

Many people argue that today it’s impossible to achieve a training quality similar, for example, to the one of the ancient Shaolin monks and in support of this they have very valid argumentations:

  • We would not have the time to study
  • We would not have time to work
  • We would not have time to look after the family
  • We would not have time to socialize
  • We are too stressed
  • We have not enough energies
  • This is a path reserved for those with an innate talent
  • Only paid sports professionals can dedicate the right time

All this is false. The real problem is to have the right level of Discipline (read Having discipline: do not contradict ourselves).

Kung Fu:

  • Increases the ability to concentrate (building the right determination in carrying out any type of short / long-term project)
  • Increases (tenfold) the energies available to the body (and therefore the number of activities that we can perform successfully, read 10 things that change for 6DKF’s practitioners (physical))
  • Creates deep social relationships based on mutual respect and passion (primary foundations of love, family and friendship)
  • Destroys any form of physical stress / debilitation by freeing the mind and body from 90% of the common illnesses
  • It gives a reason to be satisfied every day and every minute of one’s life (read 12 Things That change for 6DKF’s practitioners (mental))

How to optimize times and training

To find the right equilibrium it is all about:

  • Learn how to organize your time (not wasting a minute)
  • Learn how to optimize the quality of your training (multiplying its effectiveness)
  • Eliminate all that is harmful and / or superfluous things that reduce your times and your energies
  • Follow a gradual path that allows you to preserve the right resources for the other important activities

To see some concrete example of daily training organization read Practical examples of daily training time subdivision.

Common organization problems and solutions

Let’s now look at some tips / solutions related to common problems:

  • I have no time because I work, I travel a lot (etc.) – Kung Fu can (should) be performed everywhere, every time and in any situation, when you walk, when you drive, when you wash yourself, when you cook, even when you are standing still (read The constant training in everyday life)
  • I do a manual job and I’m too tired to train – Your work (if it is really physical) can be a part of your Kung Fu training, transform it (or part of it) in an exercise, in the remaining time you will not have to focus on physical workout but only on psychological and technical.
  • I must study / work every day N hours – Start alternating training to study / work (eg. 2-3 sessions per day), do not exaggerate with the effort, be gradual and you will see an increment of concentration and results; your mind will become faster
  • I want to see my friends – It’s only a matter of organization, eliminate the wasting time in useless things; try to share the passion for Kung Fu with your boy / girl / family / friends; share the meals time and especially reduce the sleep to 7 hours
  • I have no energies – If you do not have any particular pathologies, it’s just laziness or depression, start training very gradually and you’ll see that mountains of energy (both physical and mental) will arrive
  • I have no talent – In many cases, having talent is a disadvantage, those who are already advantaged in doing something rarely go deeply into it, they stop first; you have to build your talent, Kung Fu is not a 10 weeks challenge, it’s a path throughout your life (read Natural talent and martial arts)

Please do not think that I am superficial or disrespectful to the priorities of your life: I have also been there. I am aware that there are borderline cases where it is actually difficult to find a way to train, I am only trying to help you. If you want more specific advice, do not hesitate to ask in the comments.

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