Physical performance in martial arts

The duration of a fight greatly influences its outcome, if we are not able to maintain the same performance from the beginning to the end of the clash is useless to waste time studying the most effective martial techniques.

From the (pure) physical point of view we must be able to:

  • Attack / defend with constant power and speed (beyond the idea of economy of movement)
  • Resist firmly as much as possible to the attacks (even exluding the technical aspect)
  • Bend our body in coordination with the rhythm of the fight (more we are flexible, more effort our opponents will have to make)
  • Move our limbs in harmony with our goals and without limitations (our body must be free to take any position even at high speed and repetitively)
  • React, as well as with the reflexes and the rapid reasoning as well with our muscular system (a good pilot is powerless on a car not capable to express the right performances)

In particular, we must include in our training exercises that, in addition to teach us to fight technically, help us to build our athletic form. The main goal of 6DKF is to train simultaneously body (resistence, speed, flexibility, etc.) and mind (technique, reflexes, intent, etc.).

This way, although it is not our only focus, it is important not to neglect the development of:

  • Absolute force, the maximum power that we can express (eg. raising the opponent)
  • Explosive force, the ability to instantly unleash great power (eg. for liberations)
  • Fast force, the one that allows us to free high-speed power (eg. to throw punches and kicks against a resistance)
  • Resistance to fast force, the ability to use fast force for a long time (eg. hitting at high performance for a “long” and uninterrupted period)
  • Resistant force, the one that allows us to stand up to prolonged efforts (eg. a long journey of parkour)
  • Reactivity, the ability to react (even) with mechanical stimuli to the opponent in time and in a reasonable manner (eg. a “crude” parry)
  • A good cardiovascular system, that it is able to transport oxygen and blood to our muscles and make them work at full capacity

This kind of skills become foundamental, especially against other martial artists; in future articles we will see some exercises suited to the development of each of them.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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