How to train to master the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style

From the physical point of view the best way to master the 6 Dragons Kung Fu is to move / train / develop (for 3-4 hours / day) as many body elements as possible but without invalidate anyone.

In our training we always try to go a step beyond our limit (power, speed, precision, etc.) but, just after, we have to stop and change exercise.

The idea is to train the whole, for a long time and alternately in order to obtain a slow but effective full / constant / consistent evolution of our body (eg. if we finished a 10 minutes of kicking, let’s spend 10 minutes with punches, if we trained with weights, let’s pass to free body, etc.).

Even after long workouts we always need to have energy, spirit and mobility for a final battle. In a 4 hours session, if our training is correct, our ability to fight is expected to reach its peak just before the third hour, after which, the pace of training may slow down a bit.

The only moomenti where it is acceptable to remain painful and lacking strength is the range of time between the initial approach to the next 12 months. We must never force our body to do what is beyond its possibilities.

That on which we must insist is the discipline, we must learn to understand and distinguish boredom / exhaustion psychic (on which we must insist) from the actual physical limit (before which we have to give up in order to avoid periods of enforced rest or even real damages).

To be accurate we have to say that a practitioner of 6DKF trains 3-4 hours a day but has to get to be able to withstand 6-8 hours up to 14-16 hours (for not daily special sessions).

Workouts sessions over 6 hours are very well calibrated, have more and more pauses and are not, of course, constantly at maximum intensity (as must instead to be those from 3-4 hours).

However we should not worry, it is natural that, in a situation of normal life (work, study, etc.),it is a big deal if a person is able to find 3 hours a day: they are more than enough.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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