Lesson 5 – Basic physical exercises: which and why

What we have to perform and why

In this lesson we want to:

Jumping and running exercises

The jumping exercises described in 5 jumping exercises ideal for beginners / warm-up and the running exercises listed in 5 running exercises ideal for beginners / warm-up are fundamental to:

Abs, ground crawling and push-ups exercises

Crawl on the ground exercises listed in 5 ground crawling exercises ideal for beginners / warm-up, push-ups exercises listed in 5 push-up exercises ideal for beginners / warm-up, abs exercises like the one described in Exercise 1 for the abs to develop the muscle chain and the one in Exercise 2 for the abs to develop the muscle chain are ideal to:

  • Develop coordination
  • Develop the muscle chain
  • Develop ground mobility
  • Learn how to move when you have legs injuries
  • Create a base for acrobatic abilities
  • Create a base for body conditioning
  • Create a base for pushing skills
  • Create a base for the execution of stealth techniques

Stretching and regeneration exercises

Stretching exercises like the ones previously mentioned in Basic soft stretching and regeneration exercises listed in 5 regeneration practices to recover after training are structured to:

  • Improve resistance when you suffer a lever
  • Improve flexibility to allow you to hit targets otherwise impossible to reach
  • Allow you to fight even when you do not have time to stretch
  • Prevent injuries (strains, sprains, etc.)
  • Eliminate each body resistance to express your maximum power and speed
  • Gradually fade the physical effort and the body temperature
  • Prepare the body for the next day of training
  • Prevent pain and stiffness
  • Let you recover mentally the effort of training (eg. after sparring)
  • Reactivate blood circulation (eg after a mild trauma)

In the next lesson we will see more in depth the basic technical exercises.

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