Lesson 2 – The first steps

Important checks before starting

If you have never brought your body to high levels of physical / mental effort, forget what you think you know about yourself. We have to start from scratch.

Remember, 2 are the enemies of a good practitioner:

  • The rush to overcome his limits (stupidity)
  •  The non-knowledge of his limits (ignorance)

This course is for everyone but before starting you need (as for every kind of physical activity) 2 important things:

  • A medical opinion (is your mind / body adapt to a martial art practice?)
  • Common sense and patience (are you ready to follow a step by step guide to Kung Fu?)

You must be sure of your adaptability to a slow and gradual but intense and full of challenges path.

Each time I had injuries outside of a fight it was due to my arrogance. Do not forget these words.

Let’s start moving

After a positive medical opinion, to plan your access to a Kung Fu daily training, you have to do a physical and a mental level check.

An extremely basic physical check to understand if you need or not a body awakening:

  1. Can you touch your foots from a stand-up position (with rigid legs)?
  2. Can you run at least for 5 minutes without an exaggerated heavy breathing?
  3. Can you stay in a ma bu position at least for 50 seconds (read The correct position of the rider (ma bu))?
  4. Can you do 10 abs without interruptions?
  5. Can you do 5 hight jumps (flexing knees to the chest) and then 5 crouched jumps on your knees (on the tip of the toes) without interruptions?
  6. Can you do at least 5 (normal) push-ups?
  7. Can you stay on one foot at least for 10 seconds (with each leg)?

The answers are for you and inside of you, please do not cheat yourself, this kind of results are easy to gain in a few time but if you do not have patience the training will be immediately too hard and you will probably lose this opportunity to practice 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

Let’s start thinking

A mental check and some fundamental questions:

  1. Can you maintain concentration on one task more than 5 minutes without distracting (read Attention span)?
  2. Can you stay completely immobile for more than 1 minute (sitting on the ground with legs crossed and closed eyes)?
  3. Real training means sacrifice, are you ready for this? Are you determined enough?
  4. Have you fear of physical contact, effort, pain (etc.)?
  5. Have you fear of defeat, failure, errors (etc.)?
  6. Are you ready to give up pride, competitivity and aggressivity to embrace humility, patience and willingness to help others?
  7. Are you ready to start a never-ending life path (read A relentless pursuit)?

If you have not “passed” this mental check-up you have to think seriously about proceeding or not in the study of this Kung Fu course.

 How to awaken the body: a little project

If you have “passed” the 2 self-certifications: congratulations, you are ready for your first 6DKF training session (go to the next lesson).

If you are not able to perform the proposed physical exercises do not worry, you simply have to train; let’s see how:

To start 5-10 minutes per day are good, go on until you feel good, stop at the first symptoms of fatigue (shortness of breath, accelerated heartbeat, etc.). Your first goal is to do not feel fatigue but only wellness.

It is not punishing your body that you can stretch your daily training time.

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