Acceptance and prevention of pain

All disciplines that include the intensive use of physical faculties of the human body (in particular those involving the fight) expose us to the risk of injuries.

Potentially even in simple workouts, we are constantly in danger of suffering more or less serious accidents, it is inevitable. This is something from which the true martial artist cannot be exempt.

Regarding secondary wounds (the ones that do not lock our body but only scare our mind):

  • Our body must be able to ignore their pain (as if it were any tactile sensation, heat, cold, a caress, etc.)
  • The mild pain should be recognized and should not even distract us (no touch, no eyes on it, no action interrupted. etc.)
  • We have to condition our body to be (according to the case) elastic, flexible, compact and/or stable

On the other side, all we can do to be safe from severe injuries is to:

  • Learn to listen to our body “in the past” (preparation)
  • Learn to listen to our body “in the present” (our actual psychophysical state)
  • Learn to listen to our body “in the future” (what we can aspire to do and what not)
  • Try to discover / predict our limits and our opportunities (as in a fight as in training)
  • Learn to be patient and to proceed gradually
  • Learn to instinctively and instantly assess the severity of a damage and its possible consequences

This is what we will learn to do. As our experience will grow:

  • The situations where we truly feel pains will decrease drastically (the first year is the worst, we do not know our body and its sensitivity)
  • Our tolerance to momentary pain will incredibly increase
  • Very rarely we will harm us during normal workouts (we will see an increase of attention, spatial intelligence, defensive automation, etc.)

However, we have to know, nothing will ever put us safe from unexpected dangers, never ever we will have control of the people and the world around us (in general during training exercises and particularly fights).

Again, the only thing we can do is try to prevent the most serious damage and willingly accept the secondary ones.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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