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Good practice, Master Kongling.

2019 – March’s news

What we have done this month

  • We have created a starting page that allows you to easily access all the mini-guides of the website (read Free online Kung Fu mini-guides)
  • We have started to post of Patreon, Facebook (and partially on Pinterest) motivational images with quotes, tips, etc.
  • We have started a new content publishing plan based on the practitioner’s’ interests (become a supporter to choose the topics of our articles)
  • We are laying the groundwork for a course on the 6 Dragons Kung Fu fencing

What we are doing

  • We are preparing the 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s newsletter
  • We are preparing the Chin Na Premium Video Course
  • We are starting to film all the exercises of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu

What we are planning to do

  • We want to correct OneSignal problems related to the change from HTTP to HTTPS (at the moment is not possible to subscribe to the browser’s feed)
  • We want to refresh this page almost every month, adding news, announcements and updates
  • We plan to add a version of the entire site in the Italian language

2019 – January’s news

What we have done this month

  • We have created a starting page that allows you to easily access all the resource of the website, a sort of map to navigate it more rapidly (read Free Kung Fu lessons)
  • We have started publishing a free video course about safety during training (see How to start training [ Free video course ])
  • We have updated the 40% of the oldest contents of the website (trying to make them more readable, adding details and correcting the errors)
  • We have converted the site to support HTTPS (SSL) to guarantee you a higher security level for your transactions in our video courses shop
  • We have solved the problems related to a big data loss in October / December that has forced us to stop the publishing of new lessons and videos

What we are doing

  • We have recovered the publication of the online complete Kung Fu course with the first lessons of the 8th chapter (readable as a preview for 6DKF’s supporters on our Patreon page)
  • We have decided to regularly publish free videos (tutorial, explanations, examples, etc.), in the next few days we will start to upload them on our Youtube channel (even them are visible as a preview on Patreon)
  • Due to the success of the premium video courses in the past year, we have prepared some more (one of them will probably be about the basics of Chin Na, read Chin Na)
  • We are grouping the articles in small guides to make our Kung Fu (concepts, principles, exercises, etc.) more accessible

What we are planning to do

  • We want to create a complete course with theory and practice of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (daily training sessions, theory, etc., the same path of the guan’s students)
  • This year we plan to finish updating the oldest articles to guarantee you a more user-friendly approach to the knowledge that we share
  • We want to create a weekly newsletter with all of our new daily contents (lessons, guides, articles, videos, schemes, infographics, etc.)
  • We plan to offer the option to buy some of the equipment of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (both the basic one, both the complete, read The basic equipment for training in 6DKF)
  • We plan to make more simple to visit our website from smart devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.)


Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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