A relentless pursuit

Life is just one

Life is a relentless pursuit, the result is its end. Nothing more, nothing less.

If we want our life to be called a day worthy of being lived, if we do not want to look back with regrets and remorse: we must take the reins of our existence.

Living according to rules that oppress us is useless, it does not lead to any benefit. The right path is that of self-discipline: let’s carefully choose positive values / objectives and let’s remain faithful to them… at the cost of our own life.

Life is now. Almost no one cares that we achieve our goals, most people only aim to not be overcome…

Find an objective and reach it

We must not covet results but have a precise goal. Everyone is able to dream, imagine, fantasize, suppose: few have the courage to act.

A life goal, if it is worthy of this name, can not be reached at once, it will require to:

  • Understand if the goal is only a temporary whim or if it has a profound meaning
  • Think about what it takes to reach it (skills, tools, time, space, funds, etc.)
  • Think without excessive optimism or pessimism where we could arrive by following this path (and where we probably will not arrive)
  • Evaluate wisely the working, physiological, psychological, social, sentimental implications (etc.)
  • Ponder with complete honesty its actual feasibility, we have first to listen to the opinion of those who have already succeeded and then those who have failed (grasping the differences)
  • Evaluate what we already have and what we actually lack (knowledge, skills, materials, etc.)
  • Understand where and how to obtain what we are missing (we must be skeptical and subject every detail to the test of the doubt)
  • Split everything into many small sub-objectives (small, short and simple) without getting bogged down on insignificant things
  • Establish a logical order of execution and a reasonable time (basically double with respect to the worst expectations)
  • Start to carry out the first small objective (without allowing ourselves to be attracted by anything else)
  • Embrace errors with courage and initiative in order to build the necessary experience to never repeat them (read Measure ourselves with errors)
  • Do not give in to emotions more than what they can give us to reach our goal (eg. anger and pride does not help anyone)
  • Understand that we are not our project and what happens to it cannot harm us (slowdowns, steps back and all the problems that will inevitably arise, read Accept problems to find solutions)
  • Check (without losing focus), each time a small objective has been attained, if the times and methods we have chosen are still valid or require some adjustments (people, strategies, etc.)

Gradually, following with discipline, preparation and concentration this path, we will reach our goal.

A relentless pursuit

After reaching the awareness of our first life goal:

  • We will understand what is our way
  • We will be able to share our value
  • We will be ready to find and start our next challenge

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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