Lesson 4 – Why choose to practice Kung Fu?

The main reasons for choosing to practice Kung Fu

The list of reason to start practicing Kung Fu can be endless, here there are only some of the most important / interesting:

  • It teaches to defend ourselves and the people you love (not just physically)
  • Daily it brings infinite energy and well-being (it also prevents little / big illnesses)
  • It makes you every day satisfied and at peace with yourself
  • It teaches the concentration, discipline and methodology of preparation needed in every sector of life
  • In terms of personal development, it is a goal for life that helps giving meaning to life itself
  • It fills the dead time that in many cases we waste harming us (or the others)
  • Strengthens character, self-esteem and teaches to understand the others
  • Educates to respect, self-control and patience
  • It  teaches never to give up, to always get up again

The main reasons for choosing 6 Dragons Kung Fu

The 6 Dragons Kung Fu is:

  • Accessible to anyone who truly wants to learn it
  • A martial art open-to and inspired-by other martial arts (Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin Quan, Ninjutsu, Systema, etc.)
  • A “liquid” martial art open to personal experimentation and customization (read The true heart of 6DKF)
  • A complete fighting style with a broad overview of the core / collateral skills of a true warrior (read 6DKF: what does it teach?)
  • Born in our millennium for our millennium (in terms of self-defense, lifestyle, etc.)
  • Created to be studied in the context of online learning and serious home study
  • Created to enhance the practitioner through style and not vice versa (read A 6DKF for each one)
  • Not only a pack of techniques but also a training system studied to be various, effective and gradual

The 6DKF can be well defined with a famous phrase by the philosopher Bernard of Chartres:

“We are like dwarves on the shoulders of giants.”

The inverted learning strategy of 6 Dragons Kung Fu

6 Dragons Kung Fu is not what is taught but what is learned (read The 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s way). This is the formula that we use to create a real warrior (read The fighter and the warrior):

  1. Awaken of body and mind
  2. Allow body and mind to express their attitudes
  3. Add martial technique to personal attitudes
  4. Add to the technique high-level psychophysical martial skills
  5. Improve training and connect personal attitudes, technique, and martial skills

This way each of us become an expert in his personal 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style. This way we can truly be all different and express ourselves at our maximum level.

Is it possible to learn a martial art online?

“There’s no need to go to Shaolin Temple to train as a Shaolin monk.” – A Shaolin monk

Everyone has an opinion about learning martial arts online, from a book or from a video (read Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?) but the only way to know the answer, dear friend, is to try. There are very few things that determination (discipline), reason (preparation) and dedition (concentration) cannot do, but, if you think that these 3 things have to come from a teacher, you will never learn anything, even at the Shaolin Temple.

The only certain thing is that without fighting and / or without partners (at least periodically) we lose the concept of “martial art” both in a gym, both everywhere (read How to use martial arts in a real fight).

6DKF do not force practitioners to do sparring, it forces them to be realistic, to understand that theory, in a real self-defense situation (or in a sport competition), is completely useless without practice. Understood this, can it be a good choice of life to do not fight with anyone and to use Kung Fu as a way to discover yourself. The discriminant is awareness.

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