Lesson 5 – How this Kung Fu guide is structured

Where does the idea of this course come from?

This complete, online and free Kung Fu course is born from the idea that sharing is fantastic.

These are my personal convictions:

  • The time in which the masters kept secrets the founding concepts of their martial arts is over
  • Keeping something secret means guaranteeing its impoverishment and / or its disappearance in a few generations
  • 6 Dragons Kung Fu needs to be public to find out those great practitioners that will bring it to its highest level of expression

I hope you and each other practitioner will have the same sharing spirit with the people who will ask for your help.

Note – This article has been asked by one of our Core Course practitioners on Patreon (see how to attend our home study classes here Learn Kung Fu online: a beginner-to-expert course).

How this guide has been designed

The structure

This guide has been structured this way:

  • It is divided into modules, chapters and lessons (with links to in-depth articles)
  • It starts from scratch (from beginner level) and arrives, gradually, to the most advanced concepts
  • Lessons are made of general explanations, personal anecdotes, exercises, techniques, tips, etc.
  • The language tries to be (as much as possible) simple and in terms of martial concepts, nothing will be taken for granted
  • With the time, it will be refreshed and enriched with new contents / corrections
  • This guide and all the thousands of hours of dedication necessary for its preparation are funded by you through free donations (to donate 1$ / month go to 6DKF’s Patreon page)

The teaching method

These are the teaching principles at the base of this 6 Dragons Kung Fu course:

  • All the workouts are structured to be as much effective as possible (workload, time management., etc.) and less monotonous as possible (read Same exercises, different execution)
  • The didactic system is based on real applications, practice, tests and not cooperative simulations (we  always try to be as much scientific as possible)
  • We do not teach esotericism, magic, false miraculous abilities, etc. (if you are searching for these things this is not the guide you are searching for)
  • The martial evolution process is basically horizontal, to allows the practitioner, on one side, to do not have to wait to proceed in what he already excels and on the other, to stay more time where he has more difficulties
  • The evolution of the training stacks (intensity, fighting contact, weapons, etc.) is completely gradual, to allow to the biggest possible number of people to progress without problems
  • You choose your limits and your goals, our method fits you; it does not matter if you are a skinny child or a member of special military forces, here you can find every day your calibrated challenge (never so heavy to stop you, never too light to allow you to get distracted)

A note by Master Kongling – This is the miracle of home study (read Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?). Only this way I have seen real changes in people, giving to each one real control over his preparation (read also Intensity of training: depends on what?).

How to obtain the most out of this guide

The best way to reach your martial goals through these materials is to:

  • Read each lesson at least 3 times (not as a magazine but seriously as if they were the opening instructions of the parachute you are about to use)
  • Do a sum, make a schematic summary of what you have understood and learned
  • Train a lot and every day (as we have already said, the theory alone is nothing without practice)
  • Create and send videos about your daily training (it does not matter if they are public or private; naturally we have to give priority to the Core Course’s members but in the free time we try to reply to everyone)
  • Ask questions about what you do not understand, tell what you are doing, your progress and what you like (in the comments section of each lesson)
  • Discuss and share what you have acquired with your friends (on social networks, by voice, etc.; this helps us to reach more people and you on systematizing your knowledge)
  • Make personal experimentation of what you learned (with a mind focused on safety and rationality)
  • Be patient, collect the right training time before reading the next lesson (Kung Fu is not a group of notions but a connection between experiences)

This manual is the perfect path for a beginner (and for an intermediate) practitioner but if you are an expert you can choose the arguments that you prefer navigating the index of contents and / or reading the hundreds of articles on our website.

Note: the introductory part is finished, the next lesson will be the second chapter of module 1: your first 6 Dragons Kung Fu training!

In-depth articles

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Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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