12 Things That change for 6DKF’s practitioners (mental)

We saw 10 changes at the physical level, we see now, mentally, 12 examples of what changes in the life of a true 6DKF’s practitioner:

  • The martial art permeate every element of our lives but it isn’t our life, it is a support but not an end
  • There is nothing that is worth losing our temper (not a disagreement, not a real danger)
  • There is no resentment that can not be exceeded, loss of material objects that can not be replaced, the human relationships are that for which it is worth living
  • We must not fear anything except the surrender, the rest, as Epicurus said, if it is too painful it does not last long, if it’s not, we can bear it
  • Violence is not ours, our greatest strength is self-control in its rejection (the far prefer to be damaged rather than cause damage)
  • Every moment when our heart beats is unique and contains challenges for which it is worth living
  • We do not accept anything that weakens or depress us for free and without cause, nothing that we are not able to withstand
  • We never cry for ourselves, we seek a path of positive development for us and for others, we try also to be a positive example not justifying our failures through the misconduct of others
  • If we can help someone who really needs, we must do so without expecting anything in return, we (secretly) give a physical and material part of us to those in need
  • We ask for help only when it is extremely necessary and we do not help those who do not need us, is a superb gesture that harms those who are weaker
  • Respect should be given to all, without differences of sex, race, culture or age, our goal is to be available and open to the understanding also with those who have opposing views
  • We can smile when we want because every day we have at least one reason to be happy, our discipline

These are not rules imposed by 6DKF, these are normal consequences to a healthy and intense practice. It is up to each of us to choose his own rules in relation to the well-being of himself and of others.

Ultimately, some of these attitudes may seem extreme but it is worth trying to see how far our bodies and our minds can lead us: there is nothing more satisfying in life to write / to choose our own positive rules and respect them until the end.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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