The fighter and the warrior

The best fighter is the one that prevails.
The best warrior is the one who does not need to fight.

This is the difference between intimidating and receive respect:

  • In what definition lives our martial spirit?
  • Our intention is voted to submission to violence or in its control?
  • We practice martial arts to find freedom within ourselves or to take it off to others?
  • We want to dominate others or ourselves?

It is not a secondary to figure out if the motives that push us to train are noble or petty. Let’s answer these questions and find out if our goal is worth pursuing or if it boils down to fill futile personal frustrations… and must be changed.

If the convictions are weak, weak will also discipline, concentration and preparation. We just lose our time.

If our desire is to fight to prove something to others, the 6DKF and in general the kung fu is not for us. If our desire is instead pure, we will take each step that will lead us to know, understand, accept and direct every aspect of our lives, from the positive ones to the negative ones.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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