Lesson 3 – Who is this course for?

Who I want to help

This course starts from the simple A, B C of 6 Dragons Kung Fu and arrives at the highest compositions of “martial poetry”; I have decided for no limits, no secrets: it’s up to you to decide the level and the goals you want to reach.

This complete guide to Kung Fu is designed to:

  • Help those who already practice a martial art but feel incomplete or, in any case, want to go beyond, expanding their practice on different / new visions and concepts
  • Help who is tired of being a slave to the “gym-system” where the growth is conditioned by limited times, no deepening and bad or incompetent instructors
  • Help who, child or elder, starts from scratch but wants to reach his highest level of personal martial expression
  • Help those who want, at the same time, to grow technically and athletically but at their own pace
  • Help those who have real need to defend themselves or others in contextualized personal defense situations, based on effectiveness and on a scientific customized preparation
  • Help professionals (eg. instructors, masters, athletes, trainers, etc.) to differentiate from the others by learning different / innovative skills, techniques, tactics, training methods (etc.)
  • Help who has (or had) bad experiences / attitudes to stand up and build a solid and serene personality (both physically and mentally)
  • Help who refuse violence (read The 6DKF’s diagram about the use of violence), who is looking for meditation, harmony, health, peace, happiness, new energies to spend in his own life
  • Help especially those who simply wants to practice martial arts but never had this opportunity

What I do for you and all 6DKF’s students (100% free)

Where do Master Kongling’s skills come from?

Each day I concentrate all my efforts on deepening, studying, organizing and experimenting concepts / ideas / tools from:

  • The greatest masters of our time (through private lessons, full courses and seminars)
  • The greatest masters of the past (through ancient original books / documents, direct inquiry and connections with descendants)
  • The best combat systems (through books, private lessons, full courses and seminars)
  • New methods born from constant, intense and practical experience

Age, mental and physical requirements

Mentally Kung Fu is not for everyone but physically is within everyone’s reach, everyone who truly wants to practice.

6 Dragons Kung Fu  is not for:

  • Who is (ingenuously) searching for rapid tricks to win against everyone
  • Who is searching only for fake titles / belts / honors (read When a belt becomes a blindfold)
  • Who want to do a time limited path (Kung Fu is for entire life)

About the age (you can read The right age to start practice):

  • I know good masters that has started at the age of 35
  • I know old masters extremely flexible even at the age of 70
  • I know 6 years phenomenal practitioners

But I’ve also seen:

  • “Practitioners” with 15 years of practice unable of doing anything
  • “Masters” with 30 years of practice unable to teach anything (read The characteristics of a true master)
  • Kids too young to understand what they are doing rapidly leaving Kung Fu

You choose how far you want to go and your age (if you do not have serious physical problems), it’s the last of the problems. The real question is about discipline, concentration an preparation dear friend, if you have them, you will never have complications.

Probably an older man / woman will take 1-2 years to obtain certain kinds of flexibility and a young kid only a few weeks but at the same time the younger practitioner will have more problems with some of the more technical concepts of our style, concepts more accessible for an adult mind.

In-depth articles

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Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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