10 things that change for 6DKF’s practitioners (physical)

The 6DKF is not only a martial art but it’s also a lifestyle. It should not become a mania, it is not our life, but, yes, it comes into everything we do: the way we react to the accidents, the way we deal with ourselves, with our body and with people who we surround.

Sometimes these small changes are apparently negligible but details, united, become the whole and form the true practitioner.

Here are 10 sample things that change in our daily lives (from the physical point of view):

  • Each of our recurring gesture becomes faster, effective and precise
  • We do not stand still if we can move, we do not walk if we can run
  • We do not sit if we can stand up, we do not sleep if we can train (every moment is precious)
  • Every time we pick something under our abdomen we bend to the ground to the utmost of our joints (preferably without support)
  • The legs are never rigid but flexed and in a soft balanced stance, ready to shoot or to blunt an attack
  • Where possible we prefer to do one thing with two or more limbs simultaneously (without loss of quality)
  • Where possible we use martial movements even to perform normal actions
  • Our breathing is always controlled and abdominal
  • At night or in the evening (when we are alone and in an familiar environment) we do not need to turn on lights to move
  • If possible, we do not let anyone unknown to access our living space (the space described by the circumference whose radius is our extended arm)

In the next article of this discussion we will see some changes by the psychological point of view.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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