Lesson 2: from what / who is born the 6DKF?

Master Kongling: I am nothing

Hi, nice to meet you, my name is Kongling, I am nothing.

I’m the founder of the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style (6DKF) and before starting I want to stress that:

  • Even if you will find a lot of “Master Kongling” mentions I will not consider myself a master, never, nor today, nor tomorrow (it’s only a reference to the martial arts teaching)
  • I have practiced a lot of martial arts but I am very far to be an expert in any of them (even for the ones that I’ve practiced for years)
  • Each time I learn something new or I acquire a new skill, I understand once again how socratically ignorant I am and how far I am from perfection (the process of martial growth never ends)
  • I am not the best 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s practitioner, that person is among you
  • I am not the best 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s fighter, that person is among you
  • I am not the first 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s grandmaster, that person is among you

I said these 3 last things for one reason: I am focused on the idea of making your kung fu better than mine (you are the continuity of the style).

My story in brief

I don’t like to talk about me but these are few informations useful to help you understand our method. 4 things about me and 6 Dragons Kung Fu:

  • Since 1993, I practice and study martial arts with passion and intensity (Jeet Kune Do, Shaolin Quan, Systema, Mei Hua Quan, Aikido, Taiji Quan, Ninjutsu, Kali / Eskrima, Karate, Wing Chun, Jujutsu, etc.)
  • In 2001 the 6 Dragons Kung Fu Style has started to move its first steps, in 2005 it has acquired its actual name
  • Since 2007 I search, study and (if possible) visit the best masters of martial arts all over the world
  • Since 2010, I share online free lessons, tutorials, resources and information for real martial arts practitioners

If you want to know more about my past you can read my full story (my path and especially the errors that made me what I am).

In the present moment in which I am writing:

  • On average I train 6 days per week (1 day for rest), no interruptions in the entire year
  • On average I train each day at least 5 hours (1h in the morning, 4h in the night)
  • In the last years I’ve collected approximately 4500 hours of pure martial arts theory study
  • I’ve been involved in dozens of confrontations and, unfortunately, in about 10 self-defense situations
  • I teach physically on my wushu guan and online to various students all over the world (Italy, Mexico, Great Britain, India, China, United States, France, etc.)
  • I produce each week a lot of martial arts contents appreciated by novices but also by instructors and masters (thank you for your patience with my poor English!)
  • I practice Yoga, hard and soft Qi Gong almost every day (meditation, various kind of conditioning, flexibility, etc.)
  • I practice a lot of martial arts exercises even during the rest of the day (walking, eating, washing me, etc.)
  • I develop each day the “special” techniques / skills from the 6DKF, the Ninjutsu and the Shaolin Temple
  • I regularly visit Grandmasters for private lessons to catch their secrets

Even if to someone this could appear enough or too much: this is very far to be enough. It is never enough.

Why another martial art?

It does not exist a perfect martial art, 6DKF it is not perfect.

In my life I’ve found a lot of good systems but each of them was incomplete, after years of research, now, as a “puzzle”, I have created not an overlapping but a coaching between these “elements” apparently irreconcilable.

On the one hand (during training, fights, etc.), I have developed new ideas, on the other I have studied (and still study) the concepts / methods of the best masters / combat systems (from the past and from our time). My goal is to:

  • Convert tested and working theories into practice (connecting everything through in-depth experimentation, review and synthesis)
  • Share the result with real practitioners who want to become independent of the not-working classic learning patterns and ineffective application modes

If you want an idea, in terms of perspective, the Jeet Kune Do is the most similar martial art to the 6DKF but I found that it was not exactly what I was searching in terms of structure (probably due to the premature death of its great founder, Bruce Lee).

Why I have created a free and complete kung fu course

3 words: serenity, security and health.

After benefiting first person from the positive effects of martial practice (read 10 things that change for 6DKF’s practitioners (physical) and 12 things that change for 6DKF’s practitioners (mental)), I chose as a mission to share this treasure:

  • I want you to feel a gradual but radical change of life through a serious Kung Fu (“hard work”) path
  • I want to share everything (without untold secrets) with you and with all those people who have never had this kind of opportunity
  • What matters most to me is that 6DKF’s practitioners can live a full, free life, far from unfounded fears, real dangers and dissatisfaction
  • I have chosen this path especially to help those who want to get rid of slavery of the classical-gym method (prostituting or burying their skills and talents in the name of not-well-known-fake-traditions and / or of poor, insecure and envious “instructors”)

I want to put wings on those who, trough Kung Fu:

  • First want to express themselves rather than a style
  • Want to achieve the highest level of personal discipline, preparation and concentration

In my entire life and in my past work experiences I’ve always found important and satifying to freely share knowledge and with thios spirit I serenely chosen to devote my entire life to Kung Fu.

In-depth articles

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