The 6 dragons of 6DKF

The name 6 Dragons Kung Fu has a precise symbolic meaning: to reassume the 6 foundamental keys of our style.

These are the 6 immaginific dragons of our martial art:

  • Agility, the snake devouring a scorpion and became a dragon
  • Mind, the dragon-demon half man and half woman
  • Strength, the dragon made of water that imprisoned the gorilla
  • Resistance, the rats who stole the skin of a rhino and pretended to be a dragon
  • Balance, the dragon-mantis who learned to move like a cat
  • Space, the dragon with a thousand senses that perceived the universe and becomes nothing

These are the referring skills:

  • Agility dominates speed, flexibility, flow, timing, use of weapons, reflexes, etc.
  • Mind dominates techniques, self control, deception, logic, tactics, strategy, etc.
  • Strength dominates breathing, Qi, power, body control, instinctive attack, etc.
  • Resistance dominates mental / body conditioning, instinctive defense, surviving abilities, etc.
  • Balance dominates equilibrium, rooting, states of interaction (solid, liquid, etc.), etc.
  • Space dominates spatial intelligence, senses perception, constant attention, etc.

In these legendary figures resides and it is summed up the significance of the 6DKF’s teachings. The perfect practitioner needs to possess the skills of all the 6 dragons.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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