The difference between 6DKF and other martial arts

Most martial arts (modern or traditional they are) tends to force the practitioner’s body to a certain type of:

  • Technique
  • Training
  • Purpose

The 6DKF arises rather from the body, from the free expression of human being and then it exalts it with the help of technique. Our idea is to offer a path to each practitioner similar to the one of each founders of each martial art and not to infinitely clone a certain style.

Every living being is both similar and different from others. Each martial art that (strictly or not) is based on the imposition will never be 100% adaptable to any practitioner.

From small premises and concrete objectives, our style forces each of us to start and to fight with our (precious) personal luggage:

  • Errors (eg. keeping bad posture)
  • Preconceived notions (eg. the belief that the combat effectiveness is proportional to muscles)
  • Experience / personal traumas (eg. to be beaten when we were young)
  • Psycho-physical characteristics (eg. to have crooked legs)
  • Habits and attitudes (eg. to be not so flexible)

Our goal is to transform (with discipline, concentration and preaparation) our limits into strengths and the strengths in excellence. The method is simple:

  • First we take some basic references (security, stability, etc.)
  • Then we start with free practice and practical training (with specific objectives)
  • Under the guidance of an instructor we make mistakes, we experiment and we strengthen
  • As we learn from our mistakes we condition our bodies and our minds
  • Only later, with a base of experience, we start to study the detailed technical part

The technique is at our service and not vice versa. We do not want create automatons waiting for precise stimuli to give mnemonic answers: this would bring us back (in case of a technical tie) to the mere physical confrontation where wins who is physically more powerful.

We aim to create independent minds that can adapt to any context. Our own body and our own mind need to get used:

  • To recognize and deal with our strengths and weaknesses
  • To achieve concrete objectives by identifying personal paths
  • To use every limb available in a natural way
  • To use every weapon proper or improper instinctively
  • To consider (in the present moment) what we can do and what not
  • To understand the state of our health
  • To understand the basic mechanics of our mind

Understood this, in a gradual growth (accompanied by practice), we move to annex / absorb / enhance a technical sector that has no border in 6DKF but open to any other existing style.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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