Dodges, balance, spatial intelligence and attack: one exercise

Intermediate level dodge conditioning

After having initiated our mind/body to the idea of the dodge motion (read Preparing body to dodge punches (“U” motion)) we want to expose an exercise that at the same time teaches us to:

  • Dodge multiples / combined attacks without going too far from the opponent
  • Maintain balance even in close-aggression conditions
  • Coordinate our body in terms of defense and simultaneous / consequential attack
  • Connect our reflexes to consistent quick reasoning
  • Manage with the spatial intelligence (read The most important skill in combat) the opponent’s movements before seeing them

Before proceeding, we must stress that this exercise is for those who have already gained some familiarity with hanging speedballs training (read Basic tools: the hanging speedball): the ones who have not this background will find frustrating and not very useful this kind of practice.

How to perform the exercise

What we need (read The basic equipment for training in 6DKF and 6DKF’s basic equipment: explanation):

  • 2-3 speedballs
  • Several elastic ropes
  • Several carabiners
  • A non-slip square platform (1-2mq)
  • Oil, not harmful for the skin (advanced / expert practitioners only)

The exercise:

  • Let’s hang the speedballs with the elastic cords (as in the picture)
  • The speedballs must be at 2 different heights (between 50 and 170 cm from the ground)
  • Let’s position the non-slip floor directly below the vertical of our speedballs
  • Let’s position us at the center of the platform and let’s make the ropes swinging
  • We need to dodge, move and hit the speedballs (how we prefer)
  • The only restriction is that we can never get off the platform
  • Let’s limit the use of parry and channeling (in this case let’s use attacks and dodges only)
  • Let’s hurl complex / combined shots focusing our action on speed, power and stability
  • As always let’s imagine that there is an adversary who is attacking us
  • Let’s try to do not get out the speedballs from our field of view (read The overall view: see everything, do not look at anything)
  • If the speedballs come out from our view we have to project their image in our mind and continue to follow them (read Body and mental perception)

Variants and notes

Let’s see a few variants:

  • More the platform is small more the difficulty increases, let’s find a smaller one (eg. a support plan for washing machines)
  • We can add a third speedball to simulate head, abdomen and knees (but this will probably slow down the swingings)
  • The exercise can also be carried out with all types of training weapons (that do not damage the speedballs)
  • After a long practice, we can increase the difficulty at the maximum level oiling the support platform (it’s very dangerous, this is only for experts, do not do it, especially if you do not know how to correctly fall)

To conclude let’s see some notes:

  • Important: this workout is not a substitute for the normal one with the hanging speedball, it is simply another exercise
  • If we have some difficulties with this practice, let’s do not damage our martial growth and let’s step back to the classic version (without the platform)

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