1 hour training session 5

A 1-hour session (middle intensity)

An example of a daily individual session of 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s training (1 hour, with a partner but without special / specific tools):

  • 5 minutes of running on the hands (the partner holds our legs raised)
  • 5 minutes of abdominal pressure with the fingers (one on each other, controlled power, series of 25)
  • 5 minutes of fabric cloth exercise (entire body, with a plastic bag, read Basic tools: the cloth)
  • 5 minutes of hands chain with the partner (control and punch drills)
  • 5 minutes of sparring on the ground (focusing on levers / lockings, low intensity, slight contact, read The meaning of sparring fighting in martial arts)
  • 5 minutes of basic Chin Na (from standing position, read A free home study Chin Na course for beginners)
  • 5 minutes of controlled fallings (with a push of the partner, read Everything you should know about breakfalls)
  • 5 minutes of stick sparring (with soft foam sticks, full contact)
  • 5 minutes of review of basic rope rotations techniques (read Stance and basic rotations of the rope)
  • 5 minutes of rooting training (pushing the partner with legs and maintaining a stable Kung Fu stance, read Kung Fu rooting: the pyramid concept and /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///)
  • 5 minutes of abs in couple with the partner (eg. using his weight)
  • 5 minutes of throw and deviation of a random object (something like a shoe, armless, with a weight lower than 400g, at a distance of 4-6m and using any limb / body element to deviate)

This is a good training for who is starting to know the 6 Dragons Kung Fu, it is not dangerous and it does require a medium effort. Even this time we have not included too specific tools, only specific exercises (Chin Na, etc.).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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