A free home study Chin Na course for beginners

The basic Chin Na (Qinna) mini-guide

Before starting:


  1. Chin Na – What are Chin Na techniques and what is their application
  2. Chin Na: the basics – The fundamentals steps to effectively work with Chin Na
  3. Chin Na: basic exercises – How to gain the necessary skill level to proficiently execute Chin Na
  4. A scheme to quickly learn any kind of technique – The learning path of each technique clearly explained
  5. The best way to study technique: 10 tips – Tips to deepen the Chin Na profound understanding
  6. 4 Tips to effectively apply any fighting technique – The characteristics of a perfect Chin Na technique application in a real context
  7. Conditioning check for flexibility – What is the correct level of flexibility to better resist to Chin Na application
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Training and conditioning tools:

Chin Na techniques:

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Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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