Who is Master Kongling?

I am nothing

After so many articles, courses and videos, I think it is time to introduce myself: my martial name is Kongling, I do not like to talk about myself but I want to:

  • Give you an idea, as much informally as possible, of who I am and of what has been my path
  • Show you my mistakes, so that you can immediately benefit from them (read Measure ourselves with errors)

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The beginning: Shotokan Karate

I practiced martial arts since childhood (read The right age to start practice) and I had my first approach with Shotokan Karate (read Master Kongling: my experience with Karate).

During those years, my father died and that kind of discipline had the merit to maintain a connection between me and the world; it gave me the awareness of not being different from the others.

A note by Master Kongling – Thanks, Walter Corrà sensei (master, champion and example of discipline), rest in peace.

From my first experience I’ve basically received 2 things:

Jeet Kune Do and Bruce Lee

After some years, during my adolescence, I had the occasion to practice (very intensively) Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, that, though young and inexperienced, for the first time opened my eyes to the limits and the advantages of the various martial arts.

I’ve understood (at my expense) that the technique is useless without constant and focused practice but even more, I have clearly found that:

  • There is no perfect martial art (no one adheres to our personality, each one has benefits to be exalted / developed and limits to which find a remedy, read The various points of view on martial arts)
  • Without fighting you will not learn to fight (I tried what it means to be overwhelmed by opponents bigger, smaller, better than me, to go back home walking on a single leg, read Why martial arts do not work: 5 reasons)

Daily workout: my biggest errors

To the JKD followed a consolidation phase of what I learned, accompanied by regular daily workouts (read Tips on how to stretch our training times): an exaggerated and unreflective search of muscular conditioning in relation to speed, strength and power.

This period brought to light my biggest limits:

  • I was too sore to train me without a precise martial direction (I had more and more injuries and wasted a lot of time, read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///)
  • A body-limited evolution (my physical fitness improved, the technique was stabilized but my mind remained confined to a state of pure violence, read Violence and martial arts)

A note by Master Kongling – The increasing effectiveness in the fight did not match the right mental growth. I remember that during a quarrel with my brother, I broke down, without realizing it, his room door with a punch (as you can see in the photo). It was not a too strong blow but it was out of my control.

My temperament became more aggressive day by day, so after a number of situations of loss of control, I decided (reluctantly) to abandon the martial practice.

Continue (read Master Kongling: the night is darker before dawn)…

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