A great 1-minute cardio exercise

Explosive movements: how to keep our body active

Reconnecting to the topic of the effectiveness of martial arts (read Why martial arts do not work: 5 reasons), we want to give those who want to approach our discipline a starting point in the development of real physical abilities.

For a good martial arts practitioner it is imperative to stay fit daily; in this regard, it is important to make a distinction between:

  • Technical / martial training – Articular levers, etc. (read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///)
  • Athletic training – Running, etc. (read /// Subscribe (it's free!) or Login to see this content ///)

Although each 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s practice session includes both components (often amalgamating them), it is crucial not to get confused: one part without the other lower the quality of our preparation (at least) by 50%.

The exercise

Let’s see now the exercise (it has been inspired by Master Wong, our version is very similar).


How to perform the exercise:

  • Let’s bend to the ground and make 5 push-ups (during the execution we have to imagine to push the ground away)
  • Let’s choose the type of push-up we prefer (in relation to our athletic level)
  • Let’s get up immediately
  • Let’s do 5 jumps by opening and closing legs and arms laterally (jumping jacks)
  • When we open our legs let’s try to gain the ma bu stance (read The correct position of the rider (ma bu))
  • When we open our arms, let’s get up with a horizontal jump and let them cross behind our head
  • When we lower our arms we must imagine hitting two opponents with a cutting shot
  • Let’s swing quickly to the ground (with a falling, if we are able to do it safely)
  • Let’s do 5 bomb diver press-ups; at each of them, let us stand up explosively and make a vertical jump (not too high and with joined legs)
  • Let’s make a falling (or let’s just lie down on the ground) and make 5 abs (of our choice but in a supine position)
  • At the end of the abdominals, let’s cross our feet, let’s move forward (with arms, head, feet) and let’s stand up (pushing down with our feet)
  • Let’s jump and go back to the ma bu position
  • To stand up, who is capable, can also make a kip-up or a Bagua Zhang cross-legged torsion (turning on the opposite side) and then jump
  • Let’s restart and continue until the countdown ends (let’s try to execute at least one routine)


  • The exercise must be performed dynamically (explosively) and without pauses
  • The exercise must be performed by giving our maximum performance (power, speed, etc.)
  • The exercise is customizable depending on our abilities level
  • If we are out of shape, the first few times we might not be able to complete the routine or do it in the best way (let’s do not be discouraged)
  • As soon as we are able to complete the circuit we must increase the difficulty (speed, type of exercises, weights, etc.)
  • An ideal moment to do this exercise is in the morning and / or before a non-cardio conditioning exercise
  • If we are able to perform this exercise, it does not mean that we are in shape enough to face a fight
  • If we are not able to complete this exercise, very likely we are not able to sustain a real clash against a prepared opponent

This is a first basic functional training circuit, later we will see much more intense versions and especially more correlated to fighting.

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Reply in the comments and share your experience:

  • Can you perform the exercise without heavy breathing at the end?

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