Use the body power: the muscle chain

After seeing roughly the difference between concatenate and sum the power of body elements we descend further into detail and begin to analyze the muscle chain.

As we have said, “concatenate” means to connect more adjacent body elements, do so the team muscular work gives a result higher than that given by the the individual one.

To do this we must:

  • Describe in the air curving lines and not broken
  • Being trained to move sequentially our muscles / limbs (each item that moves behind or ahead its “turn” can frustrate the entire motion)
  • Being able to fight by limiting as possible the stiffness (it generates vibrations, hindrance forces in unfavorable directions)

Let’s imagine a sphere that runs on an inclined plan, the more the floor is smooth and free of obstacles, the more the ball will follow his path with the maximum power (without wasting energy).

More our body moves sequentially and harmonically higher will be the power that we can trigger (or better, the smaller will be the one that we will lose).

That we are talking about is not a technique that is simply to be understood and applied, it is the result of constant training and rarely makes sense if improvised.

Although it seems simple, without a long process of development and adaptation, the result will often be less than the power that we could trigger using a single limb (or slightly more powerful).

In the next article we will see what is the difference between the hard (or semi-hard) muscle chain and soft one.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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