Meditation method 3

Another step

As we have seen for the second meditation method of 6 Dragons Kung Fu (read Meditation method 2), to pass to the next stage we must have practiced profitably the first 2 (read Meditation method 1), otherwise we risk damaging / slowing / stopping our evolution.

The third meditation method

Method 3 partially comes from Yoga (we will not repeat what we have already said in the past articles of this series):

  • Let’s find a suitable environment where no one will bother us
  • Let’s put our body to the ground with our belly up and arms disposed at our sides (palm upwards)
  • Let’s free our mind from every distraction, let’s concentrate on our breathing
  • Let’s close our eyes gently, relaxing one by one every muscle in our body (let’s focus each time on a single part)
  • When we feel ready, let’s inhale and exhale only through our nose (our mouth is closed)
  • Let’s inhale and exhale very slowly, constantly and in a controlled way
  • Let’s use an intense type of breathing, deep and noisy (like when we sleep, the so-called “warrior breathing”)
  • Let’s inhale for 15 seconds, let’s exhale for 10 seconds, slowly, very very slowly without interruptions
  • Let’s regulate the depth of our breath and its duration in relation to our level and our lung capacity
  • Let’s inflate the belly to its maximum extension while we inhale
  • Let’s deflate the belly tightening our abdominal muscles as we exhale
  • While we inhale our arms raise from the ground, relax and go (extended) behind us
  • While we exhale the arms return to the initial position (to our sides) crawling sideways
  • Let’s try to inflate the chest as little as possible, we have to concentrate the breath in the abdominal area
  • Each motion of the exercise has to be proportional, synchronous and strictly connected with breathing

Notes and variants

Let’s practice one or two of the meditation methods for a total time at least of 10/15 minutes every day; for example:

  • After a training session
  • When we wake-up
  • When we go to sleep
  • After dinner

Final considerations:

  • During meditation every effort is forbidden, because they distract us from our primary goal (relaxation, read Breathing for immediate relaxation); there are several types of exercises to be performed separately to improve our respiratory performance
  • This is the first meditation and self-control technique that begins to require some preparation, if we feel fatigued (headache, dizziness, spinnings, etc.) or without oxygen, it is important to return to the method 2 and increase the “difficulty” with more intermediate steps
  • By following the methods that we gradually expose we will gain more and more control over ourselves (mind and body) but the primary goal is and remains the relaxation and the taking of consciousness of ourselves; all the skills that follow these practices are only consequences of a good preparation, discipline and concentration

In the next article of this series, we will see the 4th 6DKF’s meditation method (read Meditation method 4).

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