Become the absolute zero

Once a great teacher said: “never respond to a provocateur with another provocation, even if he deserve. Do not let his weakness becomes your weakness”.

Answering specularly to a hostile behavior with an action of equal (or higher) valence is equivalent to give body and substance to the damage suffered; to react means accepting that we were subdued, tamed, we were caught unprepared.

Can air, water, earth, fire being injured? In no case.

Being able to react but at the same time not practice revenge is a sign of imperturbability. The will to do not react to aggressions gives us immediate victory and destroys the effectiveness of the harm (physical or verbal) that our aggressor was contemplating to impose (it takes off its sense).

In front of a wise warrior, like fists of a newborn against an impenetrable armor, the words and gestures of fools fall in nothing and he does not need to prove anything.

The weakness lies in who feels the need to cause damage, the attack itself is evidence of inferiority, a search for something, a need to be filled, in short: a relevant lack in relation with the “victim”.

The mind that understand its own limits and those of others comes into mingling with the entire universe and reaches a status against which every hostile action is in vain. This is the highest wisdom of a man, whose its complex practice is concrete proof of greatness.

The opponent who attacks us can only succumb in the face of something that (if real) is totally outside of their understanding; his entire system of values is shaken from the depths.

As a dagger thrown senselessly against a bottomless abyss the perfect warrior can endure any type of attack, but none of these will bring the expected result by the attacker, he will be disarmed without the need for any gesture:

  • How much can be humiliating taunt a person who (really) does not suffer and does not react in any way?
  • How is it possible to rob someone who feel that he possess nothing?
  • How can someone cause physical harm to who do not find distinction between (what appears to be) his body and the ground?
  • How can be threaten to death a person who feels to be part of the immortal life transformation cycle?
  • How can someone subtract love to those who love everyone without distinction in the same way?
  • How can be deceived, corrupted or limited in happiness a person who does not have desires?

These thoughts are extreme and hard to practice but even if only 1% of their sense has pervaded our mind, we have already begun to change the world.

Many battles, physical or mental as they are, can be effectively won before they begin. This is the kind of attitude that we must aim for.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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