How to prevent an aggression for robbery purpose

Self-defense scenario

We are alone in the street and we see in the distance, on our path, one or more unknown people:

  • In physical and / or numerical advantage
  • Which do not fall into the normality of the place where they are (clothes, position, attitudes, etc.)
  • Who look at us from afar and sideways, with quick and elusive looks (or looking everywhere but in our eyes direction)
  • Who have irregular movements (fast, nervousness, etc.)
  • Which in some ways trigger suspicion (eg. that we may have already seen in the same day)

The possible threat

What it could be:

  • It could be nothing (and in 99% of the cases it will not really be anything)
  • It could be the premise of an aggression against us (for robbery, rape, revenge, sadism, etc.)

What to avoid

What in any case is wrong:

  • Demonstrate panic and / or lose control
  • Deal with the situation aggressively (eg. verbally attacking the potential offenders)

What to do

A few tips:

  • We have to increase the alert and verify the presence of other people around us (especially above our shoulders)
  • Let’s stop at a safe distance (enough to guarantee a reasonable space / time to escape)
  • Let’s pretend to look at the phone or for keys in our pockets and let’s check their reactions
  • In the meaning time we have to check the scenario for any improvised defensive tools (read What to evaluate when choosing an improper weapon) that can give us an overwhelming advantage over the potential attackers (eg. a solid piece of wood or a stone) but without picking it
  • Let’s then start to walk in the opposite direction to which the potential danger comes (without running)

If they do not follow us the criticality could end this way. In future, if possible / reasonable, we should avoid that road. If instead, as we move away, people start to move towards us (but they are not running):

  • We have to reach with a fast pace (ready to run but only walking) the nearest crowded (eg. a bar) or safe place (eg. our car)

If the aggressors chase us by running, all the doubts vanish:

  • If possible we have to try to rapidly pick our improvised weapon but we do not have to face them
  • Let’s move away from them choosing the fastest and risk-free possible path (no obstacle)
  • If possible let’s choose a path that we know (in order to avoid the risk of being in a dead end)
  • While we flee, we must immediately seek assistance, let’s ask for help aloud and repeatedly (so as to reach as many people as possible)
  • Let’s say at the highest possible voice “Call the police!” (“Help!” and screams alone can be easily misunderstood / ignored)
  • We can also make the aggressors’ path more difficult by leaving behind us various obstacles (for example dropping bins, but without slowing down our escape)
  • If we can sow our pursuers and if we have no doubt about the effectivity of the threat, let’s immediately inform the police of what happened
  • If we cannot escape we have to try to avoid the physical confrontation at any cost (read Best martial arts for self-defense), let’s use the S.A.F.E. method (read Personal defense: the S.A.F.E. method)
  • If nothing works we have to fight, possibly using an overwhelming advantage like the previously mentioned improper weapon (more about this in more specific articles)

If we have moved away successfully but the criticality has occurred at a point through which we must forcibly pass again (eg. in front of our house):

  • After a reasonable period of time, when we return to the critical point we must be accompanied by someone (3-4 friends or the police, if necessary) but without any warlike intent (usually, the mere presence of other people is enough to dissuade the common criminals)

If we cannot be accompanied by someone (or by the police) and we have no choice:

  • Before arriving at the critical point, let’s call a trusted person and let’s inform him about the situation
  • Let’s tell him to point out our position and the possibility of having to promptly call the police (doing this it is good to be seen / listened by the potential aggressors as a deterrent)
  • Once we reach the site, let’s keep a safe distance and if we still identify the possible aggressors, let us get away and let’s directly ask for the intervention of the police

Final notes

Rather than risking an aggression, it’s better to:

  • Take a few more steps
  • Lose some time
  • Disturb a family member or a friend
  • Even in the worst case, it is wrong to start a verbal aggression (it could, in fact, trigger a desire for psychological revenge, usually absent in a robber)

No commitment is more important than our lives and in any kind of aggression, it is always at stake.

We can choose to live without self-limitations and ignore the risks or live in a state of serene alert (read Constant attention: what is and how it works) and prevent a large part of them.

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