How to train with perseverance

In this article we are going to exhibit how to be able to train even when we have not yet developed sufficient discipline. To understand how to succeed in our goal we must first understand what blocks us:

  • Physical exhaustion, we did activities that have consumed the resources of our body (sports, work, etc.)
  • Mental exhaustion, we feel exhausted / weak even if we did not do special physical exertion (this is caused by sadness, anxiety, anger, poor digestion, etc.)
  • Projected fatigue, we are frightened by the idea of addressing an effort that will test us (make us sweat, expose us to risk, etc.)
  • Fatigue caused by illnesses linked to a poor state of health general or localized in a specific area of the body (eg. headache, sprains, etc.)

In martial terms and particular in 6DKF, these lack of will or physical deficiency can be called Qi deficiency. So let’s see how to solve the problems listed above (where we can and where it makes sense to do so):

  • Against the real physical fatigue we cannot do anything if we struggled so much to not being able to stand up, it is absurd to think about starting a martial exercise; at best we can do some stretching or execute a 6DKF’s form in a light way, we risk of creating damage or worse to accustom our bodies to poor performances)
  • If we instead we are only slightly tired, we can start with mild / light exercise and go to grow gradually with the idea of spontaneous body conditioning to the workout
  • If we feel exhausted but we have not made any particular physical effort (the most common case) we can use external tools and / or small tricks to reactivate the motivation within us (subject of the next article)

There are several ways to create a good disposition to practice, the first that we analyze is also the most effective and lasting, to heal our Qi.

In short (we will discuss about this later) we must pay attention to every aspect of our daily lives:

  • Take care of what and how much we eat
  • Take care of what and how much we drink
  • Take care of our mind (actions, reactions, sensations, etc.)
  • Take care of our bodily functions
  • Take care of our overall health
  • Take care of our social relationships (work, family, feelings, etc.)

This is the correct way (and we will go deep in this), however it is not easy to control everytime everything and, especially in the beginning, we will need little some shortcuts / tricks; in this regard, in the next article, we will look for alternative and more immediate methods that can help us to train (even if we have neglected our Qi).

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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