The correct position for defecation

The body’s well-being is high on the priorities of a good martial artist, it is therefore important to get to know how does it work without hesitation or fear. In this article we talk about intestine and correct method of defecation (a bad working intestine risks to jeopardize our Qi).

As some recent scientific studies remember us, the man like the monkey has always done their bodily functions in a very different position from the one we are used to, in fact, in sitting position, our body:

  • It is not able to compress the kidneys and thus facilitate urination
  • It is not able to compress the intestine and thus to facilitate the evacuation of excrement (the intestinal tract is crushed and blocked)
  • It is exposed to risks as hemorrhoids, constipation, irritable bowel, intestine cancer (etc.)
  • It is not able to properly evacuate because the anal orifice / colon is compressed (sometimes in several places)
  • It has fewer possibilities to relax the sphincter due to a position that goes to force incorrect areas of our organism
  • It is subjected to intense and unnecessary strain that goes to affect the health of our intestines

The correct position is therefore the one that evolution has brought us (thousands and thousands of years ago) in nature: the squat position, where the thighs push against our sides and allow the defecation in a complete, fast and efficient way.

In order to take a position as close as possible to the correct one, let’s simply place while defecating a stool to raise up our foots from the ground to make us forming a 35 angle between our legs and our abdomen.

Even if we are not used to think about these kind of things, an intestine that works consistently equates to greater health, well-being and therefore pays the basis for the development / maintenance of our Qi.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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