The right age to start practice

One of the most recurrent questions among people who are entering the world of martial arts is the one that concerns the right age to start, well, it does not exist.

Every age has its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Who is young has a clear mind, a reactive body and potentially more time to improve
  • Who is ahead with age has economic / social freedom to pursue a perfect training and puts that kind of commitment son of a deep passion (because voluntary)

The discriminant is not the age but the discipline, preparation and concentration. As a teen can be poor of discipline, a man can be not so physically flexible, this is not the focus.

For example, if a pre-teen can do a splits just in a few months, maybe an adult a little older can take years to succeed: this is not the problem. The discriminant is the commitment relating to the outcome we want to achieve.

Let’s see some examples, if our goal is:

  • Fighting sportingly, we can do it at any age, as long as our opponents are at our same level and if we can accept to suffer damages
  • Learning how to defend ourselves, there is no unsuitable age but even here, no martial art makes invincible nor a 15 year old nor a 20 year old nor a 70 year old
  • Learning a style and/or some techniques, there is no age limit, with the necessary precautions even an elderly can practice with his times
  • Become master and teaching, there is no age limit, the important thing is to have an alternative method of subsistence in the meaning time

Other goals such as “becoming the best in the world” or “be better than the other training partners” are vain, foolish and pitiful, it is not worth it to pursue them.

That said (if we were to forcibly give a reference) in the particular case of 6DKF we can start:

  • From a minimum of 7-8 years (with proportional workouts)
  • Up to a maximum of 65 years (with proportional workouts)

These are limits that vary from people to people.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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