Use of legs in a street fight

Should we use legs in a street fight?

Does it make sense to use a war tank during a field battle (against similar war machines)? Of course, but only if:

  • We are able to drive it
  • It is in good conditions
  • It has ammunition
  • It has enough fuel

In all the other cases the risks become greater than the advantages: for the kicks is the same.

Why is dangerous to abuse of legs in a street fight

Legs are very important, we need them to do vital things like:

Even (good) kicks could be so effective it is totally wrong to employ legs without a more than adequate preparation (read How to prepare legs to kick effectively).

Are there no risky kicks?

In a self-defense context we have 2 options in terms of kicking:

  • Below the knee – If we have a good balance, we can use kicks below the knee height “with a certain tranquility” (to stop, channel, hit, etc.); the important thing is to remain aligned with our gravity line (read How to improve balance: tricks and exercises, for example, if we do not know what we are doing, we should not lean forward to reach a target that is out of our reach)
  • Above the knee – To be able to use the legs above the knee height (kick to the head, etc.) we need a high martial standard (read The use of legs in a real fight)

Why high kicks are for experts only?

These are the reasons why to kick above the knee (outside a safe context, in the street, etc.) is only for advanced practitioners:

  • The absence of stretching – To use medium / high kicks without stretching we must have a daily training standard; in particular, if we are not very flexible and / or we are no longer young, the occurrence even only of a disabling tear is very easy (if this happen our prevailing options decreases drastically, read Always be ready to fight: extreme conditions)
  • Waste of energy – Our legs consume a lot of energy (they are more powerful but heavier to use dynamically, especially if we do not know how to manage their inertia); we need a lot of stamina to do not end with heavy breathing in a few instants (this means hours of training each day)
  • Predictability – Legs (without adequate training and tactics knowledge) are generally slow and much more predictable than arms; if an opponent grabs our leg may be the beginning of the end (ground fighting, lethal fallings, etc. read The fundamental concepts of the fallings)
  • Balance risks – Even if lower limbs can deliver devastating blows, it’s easy to lose balance if we have never developed dynamic balance (read The concept of Dynamic Equilibrium)

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