Best martial arts for self-defense

Illusions are more expensive than we can imagine

The vast majority of martial arts are not suitable for self-defense (read the previous article of this series Self-defense: why 90% of martial arts does not work). Even if 6 Dragons Kung Fu draws inspiration and respects traditional martial arts and warfare combat systems (read 6DKF: what does it teach?), when we talk about real self-defense, some distinctions must be made.

As we have already mentioned, the illusion of being self-defense experts just because we practice martial arts is very dangerous and can lead to:

  • Legal / economical problems – As the aggression, the excessive defense is punished by law and in many cases can lead to pay big refunds, imprisonment and preventive imprisonment pending a judgment decision (it is not rare that in the absence of witnesses, it is necessary to isolate the possible culprits to prevent them from reiterating the crime and / or altering the evidence)
  • Psychological problems – Even if in words people abuse daily of violent meanings (eg. “I would kill him if…”), to hurt a person (in a moment of uncontrolled anger) up to cause serious, permanent damage (if not even death) is something that (even in the case in which we have simply defended ourselves) will probably persecute us for our whole life
  • Physical problems – Last but not list, fighting means accepting to suffer more or less serious damage to our body, the fights in which someone win without even being touched are only in the movies; in the street even the greatest fighter of all time can be wounded to death (eg. by a knife) or even fall and smash his head (eg. remaining paralyzed in a wheelchair)

Especially if we practice martial arts, tackling the concept of self-defense in a serious way is vitally important, let’s imagine how we might feel after losing uselessly:

  • Mountains of money (in criminal trials)
  • Our dignity (causing irreparable damages)
  • Part of our mobility (maybe to prove our ability in front of our friends)
  • Or worse the life of a loved person (for not having the right notions to assess the situation)

How would we view our foolish martial pride after similar outcomes?

Self-defense: what really should be

We must learn to discern the idea of martial art (or combat system) from the idea of self-defense (read Personal defense: the S.A.F.E. method); the first puts life into play (prevailing), the second preserves it (surviving): it is a fundamental difference.

In light of what has been said, let’s see what self-defense should be:

  • An education for the prevention of dangers (constant attention, use of deterrents, etc.)
  • An education to negotiation (deception, concession capacity, know what can be granted and what not, etc.)
  • An education to self-control (keep calm to avoid the confrontation, reach the maximum of our psychophysical faculties if we must fight, understand the others’ limits, etc.)
  • An education to a proportional level of defense (do not exceed with violence, know the legal limits, etc.)
  • An education to the real struggle, at 360° (sparring, conditioning, weapons, freehand combat, tactics, etc.)
  • An education to multidisciplinary principles and concepts (simple, realistic, profoundly trained, contextualized, etc.)
  • An education to be prepared to dangers without living in a paranoid way (prevent the threats, be relaxed but vigilant, etc.)
  • An education to constant training (physical exercises, technical exercises, etc.)

Some final considerations:

  • The best martial arts for self-defense is the one that teaches to have a possibility to survive (even in the worst situations) but this needs a big and daily effort made of preparation, concentration and discipline
  • When we talk about self-defense there are no shortcuts or easy universal tricks (let’s get away from who offers us things like those, or he does not know what he is talking about or he is trying to deceive us)
  • Finally, it is important to stress that the objective of this article is not to say that the 6 Dragons Kung Fu is the best martial art for self-defense but to give some ideas to reflect on when choosing a serious personal defense course (a choice that should not be taken lightly)

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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