Move us where crouches an ox: manage the fighting space

An old Shaolin saying says “Move yourself where an ox crouch down”, the meaning is that we must learn to manage space and the obstacles contained in it naturally without having to be distracted from the fight.

For this reason, almost all training exercises of 6DKF can and should be performed in a space of 100-150×100-150cm (preferably with obstacles):

  • Free body exercises
  • Exercises with short or long weapons
  • Exercises with arms rigid or flexible
  • Exercises alone or in pairs
  • Exercises with objects to be thrown
  • Exercises with static or moving targets

We do not need vast spaces, soft pavings, or large gyms: in a real situation rarely we shall choose the terrain of struggle, as a result, we always prepare ourself to face the worst eventualities so as to avoid problems in a less difficult situation.

If you get used to 6DKF spatial intelligence and accuracy we will safely use even a stick of medium length in the midst of obstacles (eg. tables, chairs, garbage, etc.) or in a small room.

When we are lonely, our body and our weapons always have to go where we want, if we cannot control this, we are far away to be able to use the tecnique we are performing in a real context.

To train our mind to avoid and handle obstacles instinctively/unconsciously do not only benefit us from the point of view of the environment but also it increases exponentially the sensitivity of our senses in relation to our opponents.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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