Training dummies

The idea of training dummies comes from an ancient past, they were created to help the practitioners to improve that particular kind of skills that normally are difficult to sharpen, both individually both with a training partner.

However, if on the one hand, they allow exercising certain faculties that are normally hard to train (too high risk, limit of the partner’s ability, etc.), on the other hand, they lend strong deficiencies that prevent their univocal use.

The typical limitations of a training dummy are that:

  • It cannot move
  • It cannot attack
  • It cannot deflect attacks
  • It cannot fool us

In one word (in most cases) we are talking about an inert tool (the classic Boxing punching bag, the Wing Chun wooden dummy, etc.).

Since the 6 Dragons Kung Fu puts a special focus on individual dynamic training (as well as on the group one, read Online learning and martial arts: is it possible?, Why martial arts do not work: 5 reasons, How to use martial arts in a real fight) we have developed several types of training dummies and some of them are also “able” to perform movements (through direct or indirect stimulation).

They are made to train:

  • Full power attacks
  • High-speed reactions
  • Advanced spatial intelligence
  • Advanced reflexes
  • Defensive automation
  • Resistance conditioning
  • Real strikes with weapons

Before reviewing the various types of training dummies, however, it is necessary to specify the purposes for which they were designed:

  • To apply combat techniques without limitations, thus understanding them in a more ample way
  • To focus only on specific skills, temporarily ignoring the other ones
  • To train mind and body to detach from the idea of fighting with an opponent (read Concentration and abstraction in combat)
  • They are not designed to replace sparring and / or training partners in general (this would be a very serious mistake)

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Author: Master Kongling

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