Chin Na: how to break a clenched finger

Chin Na: break a clenched finger

This type of fingers compression is very simple and easy to apply in a static situation; the only thing to understand is the application’s direction of the force. Before starting, it is extremely important to read (we have to know what we are doing and how to train safely):

A note by Master Kongling – Even in training, this particular technique is very dangerous, let’s never perform it with strength (even on our own fingers). Let’s be extremely gradual in the application and let’s do not exaggerate with the repetitions (fingers are very fragile).

How to execute the technique

Note – In this tutorial, we do not deal with the basic dynamics of combat nor the stances (in most cases, this technique works even using only the hand’s strength): we focus only on the Chin Na execution.

  • Let’s imagine that, for example, we are struggling with our opponent on the ground (read also Ground fighting)
  • To break a clenched finger on itself (eg. while an aggressor is grabbing our clothes) is very easy, the necessary energy is very low and it is extremely hard to resist (on the contrary, the very fact of resisting helps our action)
  • Let’s simply grasp the chosen finger externally with 2 fingers (as you can see in the picture);
  • Let’s press strongly and explosively (not on the bone but where the phalanxes bend)
  • At the same time, we have to pull upwards at 45°, in the direction of the back of the hand we are attacking

For a better execution:

  • It would be better to perform this technique controlling the other arm of the opponent and being at his shoulders
  • Very few people can resist this technique but if we feel we don’t have enough strength we go to work on the pinky

The key points for a perfect execution

  • The initial grasp must be very solid and stable
  • The pull must be simultaneous to the compression
  • Everything must be done violently and explosively (in a real situation)
  • If we are doing it correctly, pain is immediate (even for those who have very flexible fingers)

The most common errors

  • Let’s do not try to compress the middle phalanx, human bones break easily but have a great compression resistance
  • Let’s be sure to have a perfect grip, let’s take our time, this is not a dynamic technique
  • Let’s do not forget to pull

Variants and evolutions

  • For a better grip and power application, it is also possible to grab the finger with the base of our thumb and index
  • Nothing prevents us from performing this Chin Na in combination with others (read for example Chin Na technique: twist the elbow)

Possible applications contexts


  • Almost no one can resist to this technique (to feel it it is enough even a small stimulation)
  • With this Chin Na, even a very small person can effectively counteract the action of a much larger aggressor; the only difficulty is to have te opportunity to grab the fingers
  • In a dynamic context, it is almost impossible to insert this technique
  • As we said, a good applications of this technique (suitable almost for everyone) is on the ground

Sport fighting:

  • The use of this kind of finger manipulations is not allowed in almost every kind of sport competition
  • Even performing the technique slowly and without force (even on ourselves) we can easily realize its effectiveness and the related risks

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Reply in the comments and share your experience:

  • Can you feel the effectiveness of the technique on yourself?

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