4 Tips to effectively apply any fighting technique

In a real combat, the elements to be considered for a successful execution of a fighting technique (from the simple punch to the most complex joint lock) are 4:

  • Unpredictability – Our opponents must not be in condition to read our next move; in a clash with a good fighter we should never forget the fact that his experience will lead inevitably to imagine the actions that we can perform in a given situation (due to our body structure, our position in the environment, etc.); as in the chess game, strategically plan our moves and use deception must be a priority, we have to hide our real targets and show the false ones
  • Aggressiveness – The right intensity, the correct execution speed / power  (we cannot use the training pace); as it may seem trivial, it should be emphasized that more quickly we act, the more our attacks / defenses remain hidden in our minds (in other words our motions are less manageable by our opponents). Not all techniques are the same, some have to be performed “slowly”, some others quickly, some with the delicacy of a butterfly, other with the strength of a bear but the basic idea that links them all is one, the control of our body (stop, slow down, accelerate, etc. at the right time)
  • Accuracy – The speed at which we apply our combat system is subject to the minimum accuracy needed to ensure that our techniques sort the desired effect; it is useless to hit at the speed of light and / or with the power of a Tsunami if we miss our target. We must train every day with the objective to increase our accuracy and our speed of (effective) execution; the more we will train accuracy, the more we will be able to achieve small, hidden and crucial targets (even in the most complex scenario); without training, the mnemonic knowledge, for example, of the vital points of the human body is purely useless
  • Strategic decision – The 6 Dragons Kung Fu provides (in some cases) the opportunity to divert our strokes ahead of infinitesimal variations of the scenario and the possibility of trasforming certain techniques also during their execution, but this has nothing to do with our will to act; when we hurl our attack / defense we can no longer have doubts, having insecurities among a technique A and a technique B, signify to fail to do neither one nor the other; our mind has to choose what to do before starting and must be aware of the potential changes or adjustments of trajectory (prior, not after). We have to train ourselves to plan our future moves while we execute the present ones and, at the same time, to prevent opponent’s possible reactions

Even in absence of only one of these key points, our action is not at the level of a martial artist but of a normal people and the effectiveness of our action will be entrusted at the 100% to pure chance.

Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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