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How to train safely: training area and external people

In this video, we rapidly talk about how to choose / adapt a training area to start your practice (follow our free online Kung Fu course) and how to manage the people around you.

Lesson 2

  • Today we are gonna talk about safety: in your training area and in relation to the persons around you
  • Most of 6 Dragons Kung Fu’s exercises can be executed everywhere but it is preferable to perform them on a wooden surface
  • For the exercises that involve the possibility of losing balance (like sparring and so on), it is better to choose a soft surface, like a Tatami square or a lawn with grass free of stones
  • The surrounding environment: only advanced practitioners can train on an area with unwanted obstacles, in all the other cases, it is essential to choose / adapt an appropriate place
  • It must be free of obstacles, without moving parts, no unstable elements, no sharp elements, nothing easy to break; furthermore we will have to fill all the edges with something with a certain thickness, able to do not compress too much in the moment of impact. Let’s avoid poor quality foam rubber.
  • People and security: it is always necessary to be in contact with a person in case of possible help, in case of illness, injuries (etc.)
  • Never do sparring without having at least a person vigilant, we must be at least in 3.
  • Never involve unknown people in training and especially in sparring.
  • External people can attend training as long they do not deconcentrate who are training, do not interact with the workout
  • They must stay at a safe distance, at least 3 times the longest elongation of our limbs, training tools or weapons from the area where we are training
  • A final note for parents: children must always be supervised; if an adult can independently manage the responsibilities of a serious daily martial arts training, this does not happen for minors It is up to parents to monitor behavior and security.
  • Remember: training can be a fantastic moment to share with the persons we like, we love and so on but it must be safe.


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Author: Master Kongling

Founder of 6 Dragons Kung Fu.

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